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1ポンドの ステーキ ハンバーグ タケル 福島店

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“Doteyaki is a dish in which sinewy beef is stewed for a long time in a sauce made of miso and soy sauce. This restaurant is a popular doteyaki restaurant that offers this dish made with rich flavors as well as many other items for only 280 yen. Prices are less than $5. ”
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“Cafe with so many picture books and Zakka, like a small gataway in Japanese forest. Recommend: Gri&Gra Pancake.”
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“It’s said that Hanshin Hyakkaten sells more than 10,000 ikayaki (grilled squid) in a day. Ikayaki is a simple fast food in which squid is covered in egg and flour and then grilled. This very famous shop sits in the corner of a subway mall and always has a line. Prices are less than $5.”
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“Taiko manjuu is a traditional sweet where mochi is red bean paste, molded into the shape of a drum, and grilled. You can buy it freshly made at this shop. This well-known shop is often found in the food areas of department stores. Prices are around $5. ”
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Japanese Restaurant
“Udon is a traditional noodle dish beloved in Japan since time immemorial, but it’s said that kitsune udon, udon with”
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Fukushima-ku, Ōsaka-fu 553-0003