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De bedste anbefalinger fra lokale

Find ud af, hvad der gør byen unik, med hjælp fra de lokale, der kender den bedst – fra sightseeing til skjulte perler.
“The Fenestrelle's Fortress was built from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century. It's one of the biggest military fortress in Europe. ”
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“Bar con cucina, ampio dehors sotto gli alberi. Bar with kitchen, large terrace under the trees. Bar avec cuisine, grande terrasse sous les arbres.”
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“There are often free events hosted in this huge square, and great restaurants for apperitivo”
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Monument / Landmark
“Symbol of the city, hosts the beautiful cinema museum and an internal lift offers the opportunity to appreciate a stunning city view”
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Historic Site
“Antica abbazia arrampicata sulle rocce e all'imbocco della Val di Susa con vista drammatica sulla Pianura Padana. An ancient abbey at the top of the rocks, at the entrance of Val di Susa with dramatic view on the Padana Plain.”
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Ice Cream Shop
“D'estate c'è la fila fuori per gustare la loro specialità: la granita siciliana.”
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Piedmontese Restaurant
“Excellent restaurant in the heart of Turin's nightlife, where you can try one of the best 'vitello tonnato' in the city”
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Mobile Phone Shop
“Centro commerciale che occupa il primo piano di entrambi i corpi di fabbrica del Lingotto, risultato dell’ opera di recupero risalente agli ultimi anni del ‘900. Molti negozi (prevalentemente di abbigliamento ed accessori) , bar e ristoranti, oltre ad un cinema multisala. Il piano è raggiungibile attraverso numerose scale, di cui alcune mobili, e alcune piccole funicolari che dal piano terreno salgono al primo. Nella parte centrale un ampio spazio, prevalentemente usato peri i giochi dei bambini. Una ampia zona del piano risulta tuttavia desolatamente vuota. Pochi anche i visitatori. Poca luce naturale (solo nello spazio centrale). Il tutto conferisce ai locali un' aura di malinconica decadenza. Dall’ interno del centro commerciale si può prendere l’ ascensore che porta alla sommità dell’ edificio (con la pista e la Galleria Agnelli).”
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“this abbey is one of the finest examples of Piedmontese Romanesque-Gothic architecture. Its beautiful terracotta and sandstone façade leads into the real jewel of Vezzolano, the splendid jubé (footbridge between the navel and chancel) dating from 1189 and adorned with beautiful polychrome low-reliefs. The elegant cloister contains the remains of 13C-14C frescoes ”
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“This Church is in the fulcrum of the white magic there is a statue that indicates where The Holy Graal is. Maybe you recognize the stairs that introduce you to the Church, as they were in the movie The Italian Job. They are also a wonderful spot to observe the facing Piazza Vittorio Veneto and the Alpine Mountains behind but were also ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“The largest open-air market Europe has to offer. Popular with locals and tourists alike, it is at the heart of traditional and ethnic Turin. Away from Piazza della Repubblica, and down towards Borgo Dora, you come across Il Balon, a weekly antiques and second-hand market which weaves its way through the cobbled streets and down towards the river Dora. On the second Sunday of every month, there’s Il Gran Balon, known locally as ‘Baloon’. ”
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History Museum
“One of the most significant museum of the Italian Risorgimento. The age between 1815 (Wien Congress) and the end of IX Century in which Italy reach its Unification”
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Monument / Landmark
“The representation of a typical medieval italian village, built in XIX century for the internation exposition to show the typical architecture of Piemonte...lot of things to learn just walking in a pleasant place!”
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“[IT] In genere ci sono dei bei concerti e il palazzetto è sufficientemente intimo per godersi lo spettacolo anche dalle ultime file. [ENG] Offering concerts and usually quite intimate as this indoor stadium is not a big one.”
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“Guys... this place is in the "MUST" program. Ask me about it and how to get there :)”
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“Be there at "aperitivo" time, 18:30/20:30, and enjoy the sunset over the river Po and background green hills”
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