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Place of Worship
“It is one of the best-known and famous monasteries of Arcadia. The icon of the Virgin Mary - which dates from 1360 - is considered miraculous and every year thousands of pilgrims visit the Monastery - many of them are the visitors of the villages of Kastri that light a candle to the woman monastery, that is located 950m above sea level and is surrounded by the famous cedarforest-a preservable monument of nature, that is unique in the area. The monastery is 44km far from Tripolis and 30km from Astros and its first establishment was the 14th century, whereas the new monastery was built in 1616. The help of the monastery during the Struggle of 1821 was priceless. After its disaster from the Turkish was rebuilt between 1802-1805 and there Agios Neilos-his real name was Nikolaos Terzakis - became a monk before he left for Mount Athos. The main church of the monastery is small, domed and cruciform as in the ground of the monastery a temple of Virgin Mary and a small church of Agios Neilos have been built. The monastery offers guest rooms and other helping spaces.”
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2 Σωκράτη Καλλίτση
Paralio Astros, 220 01
Telefon+30 2755 051166