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August 01, 2017
It is Japan's largest and oldest lake accounting for 1/6 of the area of Shiga Prefecture. Cruising and boating games, relaxing walks along the lake, you can enjoy a lot of leisure in magnificent nature. The scenic landscape of Lake Biwa Hakkei which was selected as a quasi-national park in 1950 is…

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Yoshoku Restaurant
“This shop is a popular shop that also attracts locals. There was a line if it does not enter at the same time as it opens, but you should visit there.”
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Point of Interest
“"Nanzenji" is first imperial Zen temple in Japan and it is the temple which has the highest standard of all Zen temples in Japan. Lake Biwa Canal Route through the precincts was built during the Meiji era.”
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“"Road of Philosophy" chosen as a hundred ways of Japan's road is a sidewalk along the Lake Biwa Canal Separation Line in Sakyo Ward, the city. It is a recommended tourist spot where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the cherry blossoms tunnel when you visit in spring!”
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Place of Worship
“You can see the garden of Tsurugame from the eaves of the main hall. From the representative spot of Genkoan "enlightenment window" the scenery of autumnal leaves inside the circle makes you feel emotion. Leaves from the "windows of stray" symbolizing "the life of man" are also beautiful.”
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Clothing Store
“The garden in which flowers and greenery are well maintained and it is well kept is rejuvenated by the rain and it glows shiny more brightly. There are many temples in Kyoto which suits the rain, but this is especially recommended among them. It is a popular tourist spot on rainy days when flowers of all seasons bloom and different ways of enjoying each time you visit. Even on a sunny day, on rainy days green can be more vivid so you can enjoy your attraction. While listening to the beautifully arranged garden, listening to the sound of the Kotaki called Senmobaku, you will be able to stay calmer by forgetting everyday life.”
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