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Romanian Restaurant

Manuc's Inn

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July 19, 2020
Beautiful old restaurant with an outdoor garden were you can enjoy some romanian dishes but also international food.
February 21, 2020
Manuc's Inn (Romanian: Hanul lui Manuc, pronounced [ˈhanu(l) luj maˈnuk]) is the oldest operating hotel building in Bucharest, Romania. It also houses a popular restaurant, several bars, a coffee-house, and (facing the street) several stores and an extensive bar. Its massive, multiply balconied…
January 28, 2020
Also a great place to eat
November 3, 2019
Another old restaurant.
October 27, 2019
Good food, nice atmosphere, onr of fhe the first Bucharest Inn, so historical building, expensive prices, except of the menu of the day from Monday to Friday (12-16) at circa 5 suro.

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Romanian Restaurant
“A monument and historical building where you can eat traditional plates. You will found a various traditional foods. (Romanian bean casserole with onion, Classic Romanian skinless sausages “Mici”, Grilled cheese in bread crumbs, ecc, house bread, house beer) The place which keeps immortal the spirit of old Bucharest: Caru’ cu bere (The beer wagon)”
  • 152 lokale anbefaler
Capitol Building
“The Palace of Parliament is the largest and heaviest administrative building on the planet used for civilian purposes, and also the second largest administrative building overall, after the Pentagon. Currently, this imposing building houses the Romanian Senate and the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, and it is also the headquarters of the Southeast European Cooperation Initiative. Also known as the “People’s House”, it was Nicolae Ceausescu’s attempt to redesign Bucharest by constructing a series of impressive buildings meant to prove to the world how wealthy and powerful was the Socialist Republic of Romania. The constructions began in 1983 when Romania was under the communist reign and by the time of the Romanian Revolution in 1989 the building wasn’t yet finished. Today, the building has only 400 chambers and 2 large halls that can be used, out of its total of 1,100 rooms. After the Revolution, no one had the desire to complete this gigantic building. In fact, many Romanians demanded the destruction of the building which was seen as a symbol of Ceausescu’s megalomania and of the extravagant lives lead by the former communist elites. ”
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“The National Museum of Romanian History (Romanian: Muzeul Național de Istorie a României) is a museum located on the Calea Victoriei in Bucharest, Romania, which contains Romanian historical artifacts from prehistoric times up to modern times. The museum is located inside the former Postal Services Palace, which also houses a philatelic museum. With a surface of over 8,000 square meters, the museum has approx. 60 valuable exhibition rooms. The permanent displays include a plaster cast of the entirety of Trajan's Column, the Romanian Crown Jewels, and the Pietroasele treasure.”
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Shopping Mall
“Opened in 1976 and enlarged in 1989, it was the largest department store in Communist Romania.[2] It was converted into a shopping centre during the 1990s. The complex has a total area of 83,971 square metres (903,856 sq ft) and 1000 parking spaces.[1] The closest metro station to the shopping centre is Piaţa Unirii metro station. Its very close to the Unirii Fountains!”
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“Every time I visit the center of Bucharest I can't help myself walking into this beautiful and serene East-Orthodox nunnery. I don't exactly know its history but I can feel it. Its a tiny church with an amazing nunnery attached to it. I have been fortunate enough to pass by on Sundays and hear the nuns during their mass. I recommend this to you becase of the feeling it gives me each and every time I step insides it's gates. There is a lady preventing people from taking photos inside the church; please respect her. For the selfie-lovers out there the gardens are free for photography and yield much better shots anyways. The gates however, are closed a lot of the time too. Make sure to pass by again if you find your access denied.”
  • 19 lokale anbefaler
Sector 3, Municipiul București 030167
Brunch, frokost, middag
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