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Udforsk Zeeburg, Amsterdam-Oost

Drinks og natteliv i Zeeburg, Amsterdam-Oost

“After a strawl at the market, at the plantage, OR coming back from the centrum, you can stop there to taste some local beers, and even enjoy a tour of the brewery.”
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“Take the ferry by the central station to get across the IJ-river and to Hanneke's boom, a nice, superrelaxed spot by the water”
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Join us for chicken and burgers!
“One of the most popular bars of Amsterdam East, located opposite of the Oosterpark. It's always busy here. Sit down on the wooden benches and before you know it you will be chatting a whole evening with a group of pleasant strangers. Regarding the menu: you do come here for the specialty beer and the fried chicken.”
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“nice place to have lunch, or go for a beer in the evening. Very nice terrace!”
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Music Venue
“There is a lot to see and do in Amsterdam, all depending on your taste. If we were in the neighborhood, you could run into us and other locals at Roest. If the weather is nice, nothing beats Amsterdam Roest (5-10 min walk) at Jacob Bontiusplaats. At an old factory location, Roest has a pseudo beach area, a rough edged arty atmosphere and plenty of cold drinks.”
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Indie Movie Theater
“It’s my favourite spot to catch the sun and have a coffee with apple pie. But they also have great food and you can watch a movie. The funny side of this place, all workers earn the same from managers to waiters. For me it’s heaven to grab a coffee in the morning sun and watch people and daily life.”
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The place for the first bite or the last cocktail and everything in between.
“Fancy food and drink on the 7th floor. This place had a major restyling a few years ago, which has transformed it from urban and informal to sleek and chic. Sip a cocktail here while enjoying the view of the city. Nice detail: this building used to be a printing company of 'de Volkskrant', one of the leading Dutch newspapers. Today, many Amsterdam creatives, artists and musicians have their studios here.. ”
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Hotel Bar
“For drinks and the view - on the 7th floor of the Volkshotel, it's a beautiful view of Amsterdam. You can also eat there, but the food is not the best”
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Modern European Restaurant
“Always a good admosphere, G&T's to die for, also food's available but I prefer a late night's drink there.”
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“Café Hesp is situated in a typical 19th century building, directly on the Amstel river between the Magere- and Berlagebrug. The beautiful view over the Amstel river makes you feel as if you are on the boulevard of a southern French city. In short, a place to relax with a snack and a drink.”
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“Cafe and restaurant in what used to be a public bathing house in the old days :) with a great terrace ”
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A relaxing bar close to Oosterpark.
“Rround the corner at the roundabout, delicious banana bread and nice fresh teas. ”
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“A terrace where you can breathe in any time of the day and always friendly staff. A favorite place for many local residents. Try the cheese fondue or the organic saté, ignore the wine and go for a freshly tapped special beer or cocktail.”
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Indie Movie Theater
“A small cinema not part of the big chains with a nice feel factor and a nice bar. Frequented by students.”
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At Bar Basquiat you are welcome for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner.
“In this street you will find a lot of restaurants, bars and outside terases.”
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We serve burgers and a fine piece of meat in combination with craft beer and gin tonics.
“The city's best burgers and great patio. For a more budget friendly budget friendly burger place see Burger 'n Shake”
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