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Parker og natur i Yvelines

“Why not take a wander round Monet's gardens and get a feel of what inspired this great painter. ”
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“Very big and beautiful garden, for pique-nique, sunbathing, walking in nature !”
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“French, Japanese and english style gardens, very quiet. Carp koi and ducks. 3€/Pers.”
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“The gardens of the castle don't require any ticket (except when they have shows going on). So you can enter from the side. It's really lovely on a warm day, with a lot of families playing around the canal. I particularly enjoy cycling around (of course you can walk around but that might take you some solid hours!)”
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“Presents the life of hundreds of wild animals, including many rare endangered species in an exceptional setting of magnificient historical gardens shades by of centuries old trees. Discover the wildlife Park with your own vehicule or bus for the groups, and the Zoological and Botanical Gardens which is the pedestrian part with a world premiere: visitors walk in the midst of the lions, protected by a glass tunnel, an invention exclusive to the parks of the Thoiry Group. In the Château, 900 years of historical and family archives bring to life those moments of their existence which marked the history of Europe. ”
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National Park
“A nice place to walk through forest and field. If you are lucky, you can see stags and squirrels ”
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“Although you’ll be instinctively looking towards Paris for sightseeing, there’s also lots to see in the western outskirts. If the traffic is quiet you can reach this outstanding Imperial palace in around ten minutes. For a time at the start of the 19th century the château even shared the seat of the French government with the Tuileries, while it was Napoleon’s final residence before he went into exile after the 100 Days. The woman who will forever be linked with Malmaison is Joséphine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon. She lived at this property from 1799 up to her death in 1814, and invested huge amounts of cash on its grounds and interiors.”
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“Rambouillet Chateau. Step back in time and see how some of the greatest men in history lived.”
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“La Pièce d'eau des Suisses is a part of the castle of Versailles , built between 1679 and 1684. It owes its name to the fact of having been carved by a Swiss Guards regiment.”
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“Pour passer un bon moment avant ou après avoir visité la basse ville de Chartres...”
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“A 10 minutes en voiture, la forêt de Rambouillet s'offre à vous avec ses chênes centenaires et ses belles pistes cyclables.”
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“The Louis XIV vegetable garden "à la francaise": many old fruits and vegetable varieties . Very nice to see and you can buy some fruits..”
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“Situé derrière la cathédrale avec une très belle vue sur le vieux Chartres.”
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“Visit of Giverny Monet's House and the gardens. You leave Paris by the western districts of the city and take the Normandy motorway. After crossing the River Seine at Vernon you will reach Giverny which is located approximately one and a half hours from Paris. The guide will give an enlightening visit of the gardens before leaving you to visit Monet's home and studio on your own.”
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“Non loin du chäteau de Rambouillet, l'Espace Rambouillet est un lieu de découverte des animaux, il propose un parcours dans les arbres et un spectacle de rapaces.”
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“Ideal for walking, running or having a break on the grass, less than 5 minutes walking from the appartment”
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