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Drinks og natteliv i Xinyi District

“Australian style restaurant where you will find relatively more foreigners there, a goof place for friends gathering, single person, and family to visit. It serves nice coffee and cuisine. ”
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“famous bar in Taipei which is suit for young people who look for a fun night meeting new friends and great music :) ”
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Night Club
“Formerly known as *Elektro* One of the best clubs in town offers variety of music, a club dance-lovers must go to. Located in the building ATT 4 Fun, recommend entering time from 10-11pm to avoid lineups. 台灣另一頂尖夜店, 歌曲種類多元. 建議10點至11點進去才不會需要排隊.”
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“My personal favourite bar that offers ambient music, and authentic drinks. Recommended for people who prioritize chatting over dancing. Opening 9PM-3AM everyday, 我最喜歡的台北酒吧, 輕音樂, 適合只想聊天喝酒的朋友. . 營業時間 9PM-3AM”
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“Just outside the bright lights of the Xinyi District is this classic long, dark and friendly Irish bar with a good range of pub grub such as cottage pie. English premier league games are shown on weekends.”
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“Great place to grab a drink and chill. Not as noisy as other cafes in Taipei. The food is nice and the tables are spacious for you to use your laptop while doing some paperwork as well. They open till late night, so it really works out for the night owls who want to find a corner and loose themselves in their work or gatherings with friends in this city.”
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“ATT 4 FUN內的派對娛樂夜店! 擁有一覽無遺的超 Fancy 信義區夜景!除了無限暢飲外,也有單點酒單,享有多樣選擇! WAVE還有主題之夜,如果符合主題的人還可以免費入場呦! 店家資訊 地址:台北市信義區松壽路12號7樓(ATT 4 FUN )”
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“Spacious lounge and jazz bar with live music! Great spot to kick back and relax.”
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Night Club
“Check out cocktail lounge with a separate speak easy style bar above, famous for classy evening with excellent cocktails and whisky. Live Jazz music, check the schedule for live music nights. ”
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Music Venue
“A personal favorite for hip-hop. Gets going around 1; open until around 5 a.m.”
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Hotel Bar
“One of the best bars in town; it is on the 10th floor of the ever-popular W Hotel Taipei. Opening 10AM-2AM 台灣知名酒吧WOOBAR位於W Taipei飯店第十層樓, 營業時間為早上10點至凌晨2點”
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