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Find ud af, hvad der gør byen unik, med hjælp fra de lokale, der kender den bedst – fra sightseeing til skjulte perler.

“The Xindian river enters a steep valley here. There are lots of restaurants and kiosks along the riverside, and a rope bridge with a nice view. Running parallel to the river, there is the Xindian Old street, witch offers a stretch of street food stalls and local restaurants. Dragonboat teams can be spotted training in the emerald waters of Bitan.”
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Scenic Lookout
“ 全台灣最大的土地公廟。輕健行。夜晚可看到有101的夜景。The biggest temple for the Earth God in Taiwan. It has breathless city view; better to check it in the night.”
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“Have one famous hanging bridge there and during the day can take foot driving boat(some boat you need to ride) at riverside have many food shop, you can enjoy food or beer with views there.”
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“The hot spring town of Wulai attracts many visitors due to its... hot springs, and natural beauty. There is a touristic market, and many aboriginal style restaurants. A typhoon in 2015 caused great damage to the town and rendered unusable one of it's main road. ”
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“Great hiking in the mountain with amazing tea shops. Don't forget to take the gondola!”
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Point of Interest
“好吃好玩、美食超多、超平價的夜市,滷味、日式生魚片、豆花千萬不能錯過! Night Market worth visiting: lots of delicacy, Shushi, drinks and fun.”
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Place of Worship
“路,佔地寬廣,林蔭清幽,炎炎夏日於此乘涼休憩,頗能消暑解悶。圓通寺創建於民國十五年(昭和元年,西元一九二六年)由妙清尼師開山,略具日式風味的仿唐式廟宇建築。寺廟正門兩側有獅、象的雕塑,一猛一柔,頗為逼真。拾階而上,有大彌勒佛像。越過廣場便是樸拙雅淨的正殿,可見釋迦牟尼佛、文殊菩薩、菩賢菩薩三尊大佛像盤坐其中,神情怡然。 圓通寺廟右側有一山崖,崖壁下方刻有許多石刻”
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“The night scenery of the local well-known temple, been features gourmet snacks ”
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“A wonderful place to do some exercises such as jogging and riding a bike along the Xindian river.”
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“The biggest Carrefour and with nice food court and Nike/Adidas Outlet store in Taipei!”
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