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Art Museum
“Big museum with paints, sculptures, Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, Renaissance. The best time is early morning at 9.00! You won't have to wait on a crazy line!”
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“It's the largest of the four papal basilicas of Rome, known throughout the world.”
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“The heart and the symbol of the spiritual power of the Church. A place of evocative spatial geometries.”
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“The absolute highlight of the route through the Vatican museums is a visit to the Sistine Chapel (Capella Sistina). The name is derived from the founder of the chapel, pope Sixtus IV. The impressive ceiling of this 15th-century Sistine Chapel was painted in the 16th century by Michelangelo. It portrays the story of creation, the great flood and other scenes. The side walls are equally beautiful with paintings of the life of Jesus made by Ghirlandaio, Botticelli, Perugino, Pinturicchio and others. The wall behind the alter shows Michelangelo's painting of the ‘Last Judgement’. The Sistine Chapel is mostly known for being the space where the cardinals meet for conclave when electing a new pope. When a new pope is being elected, smoke comes from the chapel's chimney twice a day. White smoke means a new pope has been elected, while black smoke means the cardinals were not yet successful in their mission. ”
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Art Museum
“Of course, the Vatican with the Musem, the Chapel and Garden. Book the ticket in advance or there is the possibility of wait several hours before enter”
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“In Rome, in the Prati area is the best Pizza there is !! Attention take the number”
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“Important square near the Vatican Museums where you can find bus and taxi station, subway”
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“Regardless of your faith, if you have to visit one church in Rome, that'll be St. Peters. Not only for its baroque beauty, but also for the immense treasures and works of art contained in it. Look up the Michelangelo, The Pity, and you'll understand what I'm talking about. And if you're in for a great view, climb up the Cuppolone, the dome.”
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Bus Station
“You cannot come and visit Rome without exploring the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum! Ask our staff to organize your perfect first visit !”
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Ice Cream Shop
“When planning to go to the Vatican Museum stop by here to grab a Gelato before waiting in the line to enter the museum! Perfect to cool you down on those hot summer days!”
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“I'm near St. Peter, I'm hungry, but I do not want a restaurant. A sandwich? This is the place that's right for you. (NO gluten free)”
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Point of Interest
“St. Peter’S Square was commis- sioned in the 17th century by Pope Alexander VII. It was designed by the heralded successor to Michelangelo, the incomparable Italian sculptor and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Built in the Baroque style, the great open space was created so that more of the faithful would be able to see and re- ceive the blessing of the Pope.”
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Bus Station
“A circa 5 minuti a piedi la fermata della metropolitana Cipro è a due fermata da Piazza del Popolo. **** About 5 minute walk to the underground Cipro is two stops from Piazza del Popolo.”
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Ice Cream Shop
“When you feel hot, an ice cream can make your day fresher. The steps on the left bring you to the high wall of the Vatican's border.”
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Boarding House
“The Vatican Gardens occupy about two thirds of the surface of the Vatican City. The gardens can be visited with a tour group are lasting two hours or an approved electrical bus.”
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“In Via Ottaviano si trovano, oltre alla metropolitana, anche una fornita libreria, cinema, bar e negozi di ogni genere.”
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