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Bedste aktiviteter i Toscana

Opdag byen, som de lokale ser den. Find de bedste aktiviteter, spisesteder, og få gode råd fra dem, der bor her.

Art Museum
“One of the world’s most important museum with a collection of renaissance masterpieces such as Botticelli’s Venere and Primavera.”
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National Park
“The most beautiful Parc along the coast is not far from the property, it is possible to go there by car or by train.”
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Sculpture Garden
“It’s really one of the most beautiful garden of Florence. You can breathe art history all over it .”
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Shopping Mall
“ If you love the most famous fashion brands in the world. The Mall offers incredible shopping at great prices”
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“For sure the most breathtaking view of the city. Go there at sunset time. The sun goes down behind the city and you will get amazing pictures! As you go up there visit also San Miniato al Monte one of the most beautiful and hidden churches in town.”
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Art Museum
“The Academy Gallery is hosting some of the most important works from Michelangelo Buonarroti, such as the David and Prigioni”
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Administrative Area Level 3
“Litterally a jewl. For food lovers like me, this area produces wonderful saffron.”
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“Firenze - tag toget, det er lettere. Kør ned til stationen Montecatini Monsumano og tag toget til SantaMaria Novella som ligger midt i Firenze. Det tager ca. 45 min. Hvis I dog vil køre, så kan vi anbefale at I napper et P-huse i det her område (det ligger centralt ifht. centrum): GPS: 43.768717, 11.269666 Uanset om I kan lide dufte eller ej, skal I besøge butikken Aqua Flor. Den ligger på Via Borgo Santa Croce 6. Det er smuk smuk butik med skønne dufte og kropsplejeprodukter – også til mænd. Efter Acqua Flor kan vi anbefale jer at bevæge jer op igennem Firenzes gader mod Uffizierne, Piazza della Signora og Pallazzo Vecchio med den berømte David statue. Herfra evt. et smut ned til Ponte Vecchio og eventuelt over på den anden side af Arnoen og kigge ind i ved Pitti Palladset og Boboli haverne. Hvis man går tilbage over Ponte Vecchio og direkte ind på hovedgaden, vil der være rig mulighed for shopping. Halvvejs oppe mod Piazzi il Duomo, finder i på venstre hånd Mercato Nuovo og den lille bronze statue af ”Vildsvinet” lavet ud fra H.C Andersens eventyr ”Il Porcellino”. Det siges at bringe lykke at gnide svinet på trynen. Herfra kommer man let til Piazza il Duomo og den fantastiske domkirke i Firenze. Vi kan anbefale det lille Osteria - Osteria De l' Ortolano på Via degli Alfani nr. 52 – tæt på krydset med Via dei Servi. Det er lille bitte, men har mange fantastiske vine og små lækre delikatesser og pasta. Det er ikke her i får den stor tunge frokost, men her spiser i let og godt. Generelt kan vi anbefale i Firenze at vælge et lille sted i de små gader, og ikke gå efter den store flotte frokost. Ellers er Cantinetta dei Verrazzano på Via dei Tavolini 18/20 i nærheden af Ponte Vecchio. ”
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“Most impressive from the outside. Inside can be disappointing. If you want to climb the dome we recommend booking in advance. Don't miss the baptistry. ”
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Art Museum
“Magnificent palace that hosts very interesting museums, aside one of the most beautiful garden in Italy: giardino dei Boboli.”
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“Pisa is located in tuscany on the Arno near the Lingurian Sea. In the Middle Ages and early modern times, Pisa was a city-state and one of the maritime republics and today the capital of the province of Pisa. The landmark is the Campanile of the Cathedral, known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.”
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City Hall
“Palazzo Vecchio is both the seat of the Municipality and a splendid museum open to the public. Here the Bus. Association organizes daily activities for families, by appointment, with children of different age groups, from 4 years upwards (in italian, english, french, spanish). At the Infopoint of the Museum it is also possible to rent a Family Kit (recommended for children from 6 years) with a map and other useful tools for a fun visit to the Palace by yourself (the kit is in italian, branch and english). www.musefirenze.it”
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Natural Feature
“Lake Trasimeno is Italy’s third largest lake with clear waters and white sandy beaches in the middle of land-locked Umbria. Bronzing Italians and tourists do la dolce beach culture under sun umbrellas, in deck chairs, whilst sipping café or an Aperol between rounds of beach volleyball and a swim. On and around the lake, holidaymaking activities also include pedalos, kitesurfing, canoeing, golf and fishing. Spectacular walking and cycling trails tempt the active and Vespas are for hire. All this activity is powered by delicious food. ”
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“Piazza del Duomo. The candy-striped façade of this spectacular Gothic cathedral was largely the work of Giovanni Pisano in the 1300s, who added many of the statues of saints, prophets and pagan philosophers on its three great portals. The interior is equally striking with intricate marble floors, ornately carved pulpit, gilded dome and black-and-white striping throughout.”
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“This Natural park is an oasi where you can connect with nature and see animals at arms lenght distance, it is possible to book a horse carriage visit of the park and arrive to see the beach.”
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“A Mysterious abbey near Chiusdino with the legend of the sword in the stone. ”
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