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Bedste aktiviteter i Turku

Opdag byen, som de lokale ser den. Find de bedste aktiviteter, spisesteder, og få gode råd fra dem, der bor her.

“Popular museum that displays portions of the Turku city back to medieval age. ”
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“Great nature area, where you can spot plenty of wildlife and also visit the botanical gardens. A beach and camping area is located at the end of the island. There is also a bus connection to this place.”
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“Wine bar & restaurant with a bohemian riverside terrace during summer months. Kitchen open until late.”
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“The most popular cafeteria in Turku. Serves excellent coffee and cakes of different kinds as well as Finnish cinnamon bun called korvapuusti.”
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“For the ones that Love history it us a must. You can also just have a cup of coffee in a cafeteria inneryard and wonder around the garden if you dont feel like going inside the castle itself.”
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“Even a famous rap song from Turku says from Blanko to Dynkky (Dynamo nightclub) and via Hesburger (burger joint) to home is the perfect night in Turku, so it's highly recommended to start your evening here with a dinner and later with cocktails. Try their lunch and the best brunch in the city as well!”
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Art Museum
“Turku art museum is located in a beautiful park surrounded by old buildings. The building itself is worth seeing as well as the exhibitons. There is a small cute cafeteria inside as well as a shop.”
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“Turku Castle is a medieval building in the city of Turku in Finland. Together with Turku Cathedral, the castle is one of the oldest buildings still in use in Finland. Turku Castle is the largest surviving medieval building in Finland.”
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History Museum
“Great outdoor museum. You can see how they lived and what kind of handworks they did in past.”
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“Very active market square. Veggies (cheaper than grocery stores), bread, fresh fish, flowers etc”
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Gourmet Shop
“The old market hall offering various dining options from sushi and Italian ice-cream to Mexican taqueria and traditional Finnish fish soup joint.”
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“TURKU CATHEDRAL: The Turku Cathedral is considered to be one of Finland’s most valuable historical monuments. This majestic church is one of it's kind in Finland where most churches are relatively modest. ”
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Point of Interest
“An outdoor swimmingpool located in a beautiful spot on a hill in Samppalinna ❤️”
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“Turku carhedral dates back more than 700 years. Its beautiful and impressive and has nice suppoundings to have a walk around.”
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“The most hyped fine-dining restaurant in town. Local, seasonal ingredients and true passion. This is a definite must for any foodies visiting Turku. The space is tiny so it's wise to book beforehand.”
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“Closest large grocery store. They have EVERYTHING. There is also Alko, which sells wine, liquor etc (in Finland only mild drinks are available from basic grocery stores).”
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