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“During your walks to explore the capital I suggest you to take a short coffe break at the famous Sant'Eustachio Caffè, in the square Sant'Eustachio 82. If you raise your eyes when you pass by the church of St.Eustace, a hundred meters from the Pantheon and a few steps from Piazza Navona, you will notice the unmistakable shape of a stag's head sculpted in marble at the top of the facade. This unusual church decoration is an allusion to the life of St.Eustace who lived in Rome at the time of Emperor Trajan and was a pagan army general, before converting to Catholicism. The legend says that during a hunting party, he saw a luminous cross surmounted by the figure of Christ in between the antlers of the stag he was pursuing.”
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Gourmet Shop
“Do you like a very thin red slight pizza? Yes, this is the best place for your unconventional lunch time. Yes, you will find more and more experience for your food Italian taste”
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Art Museum
“Designed by Donato Bramante (a rival of Michelangelo) the chiostro or cloister was once the centre of a Renaissance monastery. After careful restoration, this elegant complex is now used for some of the city’s best and most popular exhibitions.”
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“The Pizza the bread the coffe' are the best in Rome. In our Square, Via del pellegrino. ”
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“One of Rome's top bakeries, much loved by lunching locals who crowd here for delicious sliced pizza, pastries and supplì (risotto balls) Prices: 5,00/15,00€”
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Italian Restaurant
“A rustic wine bar with plenty of choices of tapas, cold cuts, cheese, vegetables and a superb wine list. Few places so booking is suggested... or some time waiting is to be expected! Prices: 15,00/35,00€ ”
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“The oldest and one of the most delicious bakeries in town is literally 10 meters far from the flat :) Do you think what does it mean? During the day you will smell the bakery from your windows too!”
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Coffee Shop
“PANTHEON SPECIAL COFFEE: If you are near the Pantheon you must try "granita al caffè con panna" (the coffee granita with cream). Every time I pass there I can't resist ... I must have one! Here you can try the real Italian espresso.”
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Shopping Mall
“Good and near supermarket where you can find fresh produce typical Italian.”
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Shopping Mall
“Where you can buy all what you need. Soaps, food, clothes and many other things.”
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Shopping Mall
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