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Parker og natur i Trastevere, Rom

De bedste parker

“The city of Rome is unique in many ways, historical ruins, grandiose chapels, amazing food, all wrapped up in the richness of Italian culture. Despite this, Rome is still a city and when you need a break from the bustling streets but can’t get away, we recommend you escape to the Botanical Garden in Trastevere. The garden has been located behind the Corsini Palace since 1883 and is taken care of by the Department of Environmental Biology of the Sapienza University of Rome. The unique thing about this serene space is that it is not only a botanical garden, by also an archeological area. Situated on the Septimius Severus Baths, the location has been characterized with the presence architectural discoveries of considerable historical and artistic interest.”
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“Called “Fontanone” by Roman people, is really famous. It’s in Gianicolo, one of the most beautiful places in Rome.”
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“Villa Sciarra Gardens with many rare plants, plus sculptural decoration taken from several Lombard villas. Amazing start for explore another beautiful district Monteverde Vecchio.”
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Scenic Lookout
“The most breathtaking view of the city up to the far hills in a green area where we can remember our Unity story, after many centuries when we were split into many states. It is a very nice walking, and there is a merry go round for kids as well and some other surprises. Every day at midday a cannon shots to tell everybody the correct time. (in the past there were not so many watches!). Wondeful at sunset.”
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“Built between 1581-1588 this fountain is among the most beautiful in Rome, according to leggend duke Mattei built it in only one night to impress his future mother-in-low "in order marry her daughter"”
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“Island of Tevere..Magic place...with an amazing bistrout Tiberino!Here u can relax at the square with an amazing food!”
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Italian Restaurant
“Pope Innocenzo X commissioned Gianlorenzo Bernini in 1651 to create this monumental fountain, which would adorn the piazza in front of the family palace.”
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