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Theme Restaurant
“It's a mechanical show restaurant with Japanese dancers! It's a seemingly crazy shop, but it's all about the details. Tension goes up abnormally because it is in the middle of the genre town. Maybe this kind of blown-out sensibility will play a role in Japan! 機械仕掛けのショーと思いきや、日本人ダンサーによるエンターテイメントレストラン!一見クレイジーな店内だが、細部にまでこだわり抜かれています!様々なお店のある歌舞伎町のど真ん中にあり、テンションも異常に上がるかも!”
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Donburi Restaurant
“Tsukiji Market is Japan's Food town, where one can encounter all kinds of Japanese traditional foods! If you want to eat sushi, I recommend to go Tsukiji!!”
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Italian Restaurant
“This is one of the hottest area in Japan. Especially, in the night, there are a lot of place to visit. (Izakaya, night club, restaurant etc...)”
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City Hall
“Golden Gai is a few minutes walk from the East Exit of Shinjuku Station, between the Shinjuku City Office and the Hanazono Shrine.[5] Its architectural importance is that it provides a view into the relatively recent past of Tokyo, when large parts of the city resembled present-day Golden Gai, particularly in terms of the extremely narrow lanes and the tiny two-story buildings. Nowadays, most of the surrounding area has been redeveloped: The street plans have been changed to create much wider roads and larger building plots, and most of the buildings themselves are now much larger high- or medium- rise developments. This has left Golden Gai as one of a decreasing number of examples of the nature of Tokyo before Japan’s “economic miracle”, that took place in the latter half of the 20th century. 今人気の東京都新宿区の飲食店街です。およそ2000坪ほどの狭い区画に低層の木造長屋が連なっており、200軒以上の小さな飲食店が密集していいるので、飲み歩きにもできます!以前は文壇バーなど個性豊かな店も多く、常連客として作家、編集者、映画監督、俳優といった文化人が多く集まることで知られていました。このような背景から、東京におけるサブカルチャーやアングラ芸術の発信地のひとつとなっています。”
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“Asakusa (浅草) is the center of Tokyo's shitamachi (literally "low city"), one of Tokyo's districts, where an atmosphere of the Tokyo of past decades survives. Asakusa's main attraction is Sensoji, a very popular Buddhist temple, built in the 7th century. The temple is approached via the Nakamise, a shopping street that has been providing temple visitors with a variety of traditional, local snacks and tourist souvenirs for centuries. Asakusa can easily be explored on foot. Alternatively, you can consider a guided tour on a rickshaw (jinrikisha, literally "man-powered vehicle"). A 30-minute tour for two persons costs around 9000 yen. Shorter and longer courses are also available.”
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Ramen Restaurant
“Ichiran is a chain, but it is arguably the best one in Japan so it is worth mentioning here. The secret to its success is perhaps the spicy powder and the flour-based noodles made by Ichiran itself. And the deep flavor of their soups is just irresistible. Going there is a fun experience not just for the ramen, but how you order it. Buy your ticket from the vending machine, then fill out an extensive order form about how you want your ramen. It's the most customizable ramen there is. You can choose the level of spiciness, the amount of garlic, the intensity of the dashi seasoning stock and much more! Forms are in English and Japanese.”
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Ramen Restaurant
“This Ramen restaurant is always crowded . the taste of Ramen is really good. ”
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Udon Restaurant
“When it comes to MODERN Udon noodles restaurant,it's theTsurutontan つるとんたん". It's in night life areas such as Shinjuku,Roppongi and Shibuya. Open until late at night!”
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“The Ghibli Museum (三鷹の森ジブリ美術館, Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Bijutsukan) is the animation and art museum of Miyazaki Hayao's Studio Ghibli, one of Japan's most famous animation studios. They have produced many feature-length films with worldwide distribution such as My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. Located in Mitaka, just outside of central Tokyo, the museum is a must-see for fans of the films. The museum itself is whimsically designed in the distinct style of the studio's films, and many of their famous characters are there, including a life-sized robot from "Castle in the Sky" in the rooftop garden. The first floor of the museum exhibits the history and techniques of animation and has as a small theater which shows short movies by Studio Ghibli that are exclusive to the museum. The second floor houses special temporary exhibitions. The museum also has a cafe, children's play area, a rooftop garden, and a gift shop.”
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Art Museum
“Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art: Interesting thematic and special exhibitions. The building is designed by Japanese modernism architect Kunio Maekawa. The museum shop has various Japanese modern design items.”
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Theme Restaurant
“Famous COSPLAY Cafe. Direct along the Green Subway line, at HARAJUKU / Meiji-Jingumae, no train changes. 27 mins.”
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“Tully's Coffee shop in Roppongi hills, located along the Metropolitan Express highway.”
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“Busy intersection Shop full Long lines But Great place to see crossing Good cafe Great atmosphere Recommend it!!! スクランブル交差点が見える最高の立地!!しかし、日中は非常に混雑しており1階のオーダーカウンターも行列しているかも。早朝に行くのがおすすめです!”
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“A cafe with a very easy-to-understand location facing Akihabara Station! If you like Gundam a little, I think it would be nice to visit once and see! 秋葉原駅に面した非常に分かりやすい立地にあるカフェです! ガンダム好きじゃなくても足を運ぶ価値あり!”
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“Times Square of Tokyo. The most famous crossing of Japan where 3000 people walk at the same time. Most popular filming/photo shooting spot.”
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“Coffee and the highly popular souffle pancakes! Opens 11:00 and closes 23:00.”
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“This is the best bakery in Shibuya! Buy some bread and go to yoyogi park or go back to home :-) ”
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Burger Joint
“The name is "Burgers base" This shop is a 'casual and stylish' hamburger shop. The recommendation of this shop is the Sasebo buger. The Sasebo burger is a famous humburger created first in japan.”
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“It has been there for the last 30 years and acted as a pioneer bakery for natural yeast bread. In fact, Levin has such a great reputation that people come from far and wide to try the delicious crusty bread that the bakery focuses on. Sold by the gram, you can easily decide just how much bread you'd like to buy.”
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“Tokyo hosts one of the best Italian/ French restaurants as well. This bakery is run by a French-Japanese couple, who has a strore also in Paris. The baguette, croissant are phenomenal, for which people queue in the morning.”
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“焼き立てパン屋さんですが、3階にはレストランもあります。そのまま買って帰っても良し、2階で食べても良し、天気の良い日は屋外で足湯浸かって食べるのも最高です。 Although it burns up and is the baker, there is also a restaurant in the third floor. Good even back to buy as it is, good to eat on the second floor, good weather day is the best also to eat soaked footbath outdoors.”
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“Freshly baked bread from Donsuke! It's a small shop located down an quiet side street. For your breakfast :) Favorite bakery @ reasonable price”
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