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“You can enjoy your drink or lunch here right next to the seafront in a nice environment with all the old seaside in front of you. Tip: They offer free parking in their establishment! You should expect to pay around 5 € for coffee, 5-10 for drink and 20 for lunch, approximately.”
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Gourmet Shop
“Greek cuisine and delicatessen in one big place. Interesting experience! www.ergonfoods.com”
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“Visit Terkenlis and taste the greek traditional brioche (tsoureki). Personally my favourite is brioche (tsoureki) with chestnut cream filling. You are going to find a great variety of greek brioche.”
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“We travel in Greece and go abroad, through cities and villages, seeking and collecting authentic flavours and recipes that reflect the tradition of each place. We combine these recipes, with the very best ingredients. Simplicity enchants us, truly, like wheat, which the French call "Blé." And so we create top choice flavours in a holistic concept of bread, sweets, food, coffee and drink, 24 hours a day, in a city that wants to stand out. "Blé" means stories of everyday pleasure. Just be careful! Daily pleasure is one thing and daily routine, repetition, habit and stagnation another. If life is about the daily grind it induces boredom and produces a bland, forgettable taste. This is the exact opposite of what we are about! At Blé every day can be special. Sometimes because we're celebrating something. Sometimes because the season is changing. Sometimes because art fashions are changing and what was modern yesterday has become out-dated today. Live life to the full every day with us at Blé. Not even a smile is the same one day to the next. ”
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“The best cocktail bar in Greece, awarded years in a row for its services, is about 8minutes walk from the flat. ”
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Department Store
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“CHOUREAL is a unique and awarded concept, specialized in one beloved desert: the Profiterole. The Profiteroles are made to order, in an ‘a la minute’ fashion. This means that the desert is always fresh and tailor-made, according to the visitor’s desire. The fragrant choux are always freshly-baked, since they are produced every hour. On order, they are filled with either silk cream with Madagascar vanilla or hand-made ice cream. The ritual continues by choosing which of the high quality chocolates will cover the bowl, and ends with the choice of the dressing. Thus, one can taste his small masterpiece fresh, with high quality ingredients and with the flavor tones of his desire: bitter or white chocolate, praline, caramel or use hand-made ice-cream instead of patisserie cream. ”
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“Trigono (means triangle) The authentic trigono Panoramatos by G.Elenidis, with the most crispy pastry filled with a fresh and velvety cream”
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“Καφέ, ποτό, φαγητό, παρέα με ελληνική μουσική από το μεσημέρια .. μέχρι αργά το βράδυ.., σε πολύ καλες τιμές και εξεταστικά μεγάλη ποικιλία καλύπτει σχεδόν όλες τις προτιμήσεις. Όλα αυτά σε ένα πολυχώρο, όπου δίπλα ακριβώς υπάρχει η αγορά λαχανικών, μπαχαρικών, ξηρών καρπών.. κ.α ”
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Electronics Store
“Books, tech (tablets, phones, cameras, etc) and accessories, music, toys, gadgets, gifts...”
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Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
“On to the Tsimiski str. (downtown) you can find this mall, for shoping, or cinema.(There is the Odeon Cinemas)”
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Shopping Mall


“The main open market of the city. You can find everything there. You can also eat there at "stou mitsou" or "modigliani". Or have an authenic spirit from Amorgos at "hozeva" cafe.”
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