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Shopping i Tbilisi

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Liquor Store
“You are lucky! The Wine Gallery, the most famous wine shop in the city is 5-7 minutes walk, past the London Square. It has a cellar where you can taste home-made wine sent from Kakheti and other wine-making regions. They also have a wide choice of best bottled wines both affordable and expensive. ”
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Wine Shop
“One of the best wine bars in Tbilisi is located in your neighborhood. 8000 vintages - is offering the widest variety of specially chosen wines from small wineries. Georgia is the homeland of wine and has many unique techniques of winemaking. I recommend to taste one of the orange wines.”
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“Everybody knows this cute polar bear, which appeared in Tbilisi in August 2008 and continues to provide us with the finest ice-cream and more. This European-type ice cream parlor combined with a coffee shop meets international standards of product quality and service. You can enjoy your dessert from 8am until late night 2pm. 26 different flavors – containing zero artificial coloring or flavoring are made based on original Italian recipes (Our favorite is definitely Vanilla with Caramel and Almond). Luca Polare is surely a heaven for vegans, because their fruit sorbets do not contain any fat or animal products. This café’s menu is way broader than you might think. Starting from the assortment of hot and cold drinks, followed by muffins, cookies, cakes and ending with fresh juices, mixed fruits and salads. The cozy atmosphere, together with the aroma of newly ground coffee and products made and served with love make Luca Polare the place to be in Tbilisi.”
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Liquor Store
“ Wine shop offering products from the Kharaba Winery. Stocks a wide variety of red, white and sparkling wines, as well as bulk wine, grapeseed oil and vinegar. Kharaba produces wine over 745 hectares in three Georgian regions. Also has a wine bar.”
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Ice Cream Shop
“The best ice-cream you can get in Tbilisi. Nice chain of ice-cream and coffee and breakfast ”
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Food & Drink Shop
“24 hour supermarket in 3 minutes of walk. Круглосуточный супермаркет в трёх минутах ходьбы. ”
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Shopping Mall
“Galleria Tbilisi is multifunctional shopping center, which revived center of the city and filled it with a new energy. It is destination for everyday needs, where it is possible to stop by for any petty detail – to shop, entertain, dine, get various services.”
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Shopping Mall
“Tbilisi Mall is the first and largest such unique development in the Southern Caucasus to meet globally recognized standards. It is the most modern center to combine leisure, retail and entertainment in the Region. The outlets of well-known retail brands, department stores and banking facilities line the concourse. Other features include a multi-screen cinema, distinguished food court and a family entertainment center on the upper levels. Tbilisi Mall also benefits from a multi-storey free-of-charge car park, spread over four underground levels.”
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Shopping Mall
“Shopping mall in the heart of Tbilisi with the following brand shops: Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mac cosmetics, Shoes Gallery, Okaidi, Parfois, etc”
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Shopping Mall
“There's everything here, clothes stores, supermarket, equipment stores, food and everything you need for daily use.”
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Shopping Mall
“East Point is the biggest shopping place in Tbilisi.There are restaurants.shops,cinema and etc.”
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Shopping Mall
“This is a shopping center, with numerous branding shops and entertainment center also, where you can play bowling or just visit a cinema on the top floor. ”
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Shopping Mall
“it is museum were you meet old Tbilisi History. And near it there is a very popular Shardeni street with small shops and coffee. And very close to it there is Gabriadze theatre.”
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“Shopping Mall - Pixel Centre is the first purpose built A-Class, European standard, office building in Georgia. Located in Tbilisi’s intellectual heart of the city center in a highly demanded international business district on 34 Chavchavadze avenue. As of its launch in 2010, it has become known as the market leader setting example in high quality service management. Today it is considered as a city’s monument with its distinctive futuristic design developed by German architects. Building your business step by step, pixel by pixel, from the best to the greatest! ”
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Frugt- og grøntmarked
“It is the biggest and cheapest open-air market in town. We buy fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, spices and more here. And it's only a 10 minutes walk away”
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