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Fornødenheder i Southern Europe

“The Olympic Museum presents the cornerstones of olympism – sport, art and education – through its ultra-modern, interactive facilities. The most visited museum in Lausanne was founded by the ICO on the banks of Lake Geneva.Opening hours From May 1, 2019 To Oct 15, 2019 09:00-18:00 From Oct 16, 2019 To Apr 30, 2020 Monday closed All other days: 10:00-18:00”
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“This fine golden sandy beach is almost three kilometres in length and up to one hundred metres wide. Its facilities include lifeguard watchtowers, a Red Cross post, car park, footbath, toilets, disabled access. It is perfect for enjoying water-based activities, sports and also has children’s play parks. Along the beachfront there are all kinds of shops and restaurants. Length: 2,900 m | Width: 85 m”
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Historic Site
“You can get in free to look at the gardens, or, for about 5 € more, be taken on a tour of the interior conducted in French.”
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“A summer garden of Sultans. It has two small Palaces which were used as summer houses by the Ottoman Sultans, a small lake, cafes, restaurants and lots of trees, birds and squirells. ”
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“One of the best Pizza in Rome! Very wide choice of Pizzas! There is always a queue so get there early (19:00/19:30)!!”
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Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
“Nice brunch/breakfast/lunch place with healthy smoothies and food. A lot of options for anyone being allergic to gluten and dairy. ”
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“nice music, lights, huka and cocktails, ambience, and view of the Roman Bridge.”
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Asian Restaurant
“Quality asian tapas with craft beer / good prices! Local with international vibe”
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“Siena is a big medieval walled city. The attractions of the city are the Cathedral, Palazzo pubblico, Torre del Mangia and Piazza del Campo where "Palio" is played twice a year (2 July and 16 August). ”
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Dance Studio
“The only museum totally dedicated to Flamenco in the world, The Flamenco Dance Museum is a place that worth it to visit. They have flamenco shows everyday, with the best flamenco artists of Andaluzia. The intimate show, which occurs in a cave is a experience for a lifetime!”
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Monument / Landmark
“Old monumental gateway to Madrid. You can still see in it the impact of Civil War bullets.”
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“Tip top!!! Mouth-watering food & Superb view at sunset time - roof restaurant!”
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“Pedestrian shopping street built in 1891, where the city's most important events are held.”
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“L'isola lacustre abitata più grande d'Europa. Terza all'European Best Destination Awards”
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Historic Site
“Old town Budva is real heart of the city. It dates from ancient times, in addition to good shopping and fun you can visit the city museum, the Orthodox and Catholic Church, archeological sites...”
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Shopping Mall
“One of the biggest shopping malls 🛒in Lisbon. You can go there taking the 728 bus (17mins) or by car (10mins).”
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