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De bedste natklubber i Sintra

“Great gardens, beautiful palace, amazing view and please be aware of the queues!”
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Botanical Garden
“A lot of people go to Sintra to see the multi style/coloured Pena Palace, but I absolutely recommend Sintra National Palace. Some of the oldest and most beautiful tiles and ceilings in Portugal. Easy to go to Sintra by train, but if you want to avoid the crowds go early in the morning or later in the afternoon”
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“This place is unique and a perfect way to spend sometime enjoying nature and history combined.”
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“This Moorish Castle built in the 8th century is in the romantic playground of Sintra. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and no more than 25 minutes by car. My advise would be to take an Uber taxi to avoid winding, narrow roads and difficult parking. Alternatively bus tours are available or I can recommend a good driver for the day.”
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Shopping Mall
“CascaisShopping mall offers a large verity of shops including Fashion, Books, Electronics, Souveniers, Chinawear and Crockery, home furnishing and much more. The cinema and food court are very good. ”
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“This is a must see! One of our favourite places in Portugal. This truly is a fairytale place with hidden caves & caverns, ancient wells, and palaces. It is also within the Sintra National park and a short drive from the villa. Words won't do this place justice!”
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“One of the most beautiful places, just 30 minutes away from Lisbon. In case you take the day to visit Sintra, this is a mandatory stop!”
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“Casa Piriquita offers the famous Queijada de Sintra which is what got this pastry shop started, and was propelled to success by King Carlos I. These delicious little pies have a crusty exterior and a soft inner batter made with cheese, sugar, eggs, flour and a little cinnamon. They are not too sweet and have a hint of a fresh cheese taste. Delectable!”
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Natural Feature
“Fairy tale forests. You can lost in this beaufiful place. The nature grows everywhere in this wet serra. There is paths everywhere to you enjoy the flora, the big ferns and the smell of eucalyptus and pine. ”
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“Its not a zoo, but a park where you can roam through paths, gorgeous views, pine woods and cliffs. You can find various hiking paths there.”
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“If you come to Portugal it is a must to visit Sintra. The UNESCO-listed mountain top village is full of great palaces and secret spots to discover!”
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Spiritual Center
“Hidden in the woods is this fascinating hobbit-like convent, originally built in 1560 to house friars, who lived in incredibly tight conditions, in small cells with low, narrow doors.”
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“Cozy restaurant offers a variety of breakfast and coffee drinks, including the signature Portuguese style Galão coffee, which is similar to a latte or cappuccino.”
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“A dream-like mansion and garden, where sometimes classical concerts take place.”
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Concert Hall
“É o mais recomendado e o mais conhecido. It is the most recommended and best known.”
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“Known for its "Queijadas", one of the specialties of Sintra, a crispy small cake made of cheese and cinnamon.”
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