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Top recommendations from locals

Art Museum
“You can know the history of various manga in Japan. We are busy with foreigners. There is also an open space, so the children are very happy!”
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Art Museum
“Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art is second oldest public museum in Japan. It was designed by Japanese architect Kenjiro Maeda and constructed in 1933. You can see Japanese tradition design in western influence. ”
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Art Museum
“This museum is renowned for its Japanese ceramics and paintings. There is an outstanding permanent collection, which includes many pottery pieces by Kawai Kanjirō. The coffee shop here is a nice place for a break and overlooks a picturesque canal. The museum also hosts regular special exhibitions, so check the website for what's on.”
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“You like city plans and models? The Museum of Kyoto is the place where you can see how the city was before the modern times.”
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“The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art is the best museum in Kyoto (it’s only eclipsed by the Kyoto National Museum when the National is holding a special exhibition).”
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“北野天満宮/ Kitano-tenmangu (shrine in Kyoto) 梅の見頃は2月下旬~3月初旬です/The red, white and pink blossoms come into bloom at the end of February and are viewed in mid-March. ”
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Art Gallery
“Nice select book store. It's lovely place. You can find many interesting books.Most of them are written in Japanese.You may not read it ,but enjoy the place.”
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“Ginkakuji (銀閣寺, Silver Pavilion) is a Zen temple along Kyoto's eastern mountains (Higashiyama). In 1482, shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa built his retirement villa on the grounds of today's temple, modeling it after Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), his grandfather's retirement villa at the base of Kyoto's northern mountains (Kitayama). The villa was converted into a Zen temple after Yoshimasa's death in 1490.”
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“"Philosopher's Walk" a pleasant stone path begins around Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) and ends in the neighborhood of Nanzenji.”
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“Free museum. If you are interested in old Kyoto city before Edo era, there is valuable! ”
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“Museum of world famous raku ceramics, just minutes away! Enjoy raku tea bowls of all generations. For the cultivated traveler. ”
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Art Museum
“Kyoto Hosomi Art museum. The Hosomi Art Foundation holds diverse exhibitions around the 1000-piece Japanese art collection. ”
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