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Bedste aktiviteter i Riga

Opdag byen, som de lokale ser den. Find de bedste aktiviteter, spisesteder, og få gode råd fra dem, der bor her.

Shopping Mall
“Shopping Center in the Old Riga. Primarily aimed at Tourists but has a wide variety of stores, which you may enjoy. ”
49 lokale anbefaler
Farmers Market
“One of the oldest markets in the Baltic's. They have opened a new food court, which serves pretty good food. ”
61 lokale anbefaler
Art Museum
“Located in recently renovated building, this museum has many different galleries to offer for art lovers.”
35 lokale anbefaler
General Entertainment
“Widest selection of Latvian Traditional kitchen. Also an excellent place to stop by with kids. In the winter months it has a figure skating park, in summer, plenty of kids attractions. ”
42 lokale anbefaler
“a lovely big park in the very city center where you can relax, occasionally fond some chess-players or run around with kids :)”
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“I don't know what you're doing at a movie theater during you're trip, but OK ”
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“Riga St. Peter’s Church - the tallest peak in Riga, is one the oldest and most valuable monuments of medieval architecture in the Baltic States. It is located in the historical center of Riga and in 1997 was included among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The church hall is used for exhibitions and concerts. Your are welcome to visit the tower of the church offering breathtaking views of the medieval and modern Riga, the Daugava with its spacious harbor and the Gulf of Riga.”
42 lokale anbefaler
Eastern European Restaurant
“A restaurant in bistro style. A big selection of different dishes. Very popular. 12 min away.”
41 lokale anbefaler
“Old town is a must visit in every country. Historic architecture that interacts with modern buildings. ”
34 lokale anbefaler
Opera House
“You can get good-price tickets for some fantastic ballets, operas and concerts. Check the program on www.opera.lv ”
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“When entering the tiny Latvia of the former times that hides unobtrusively behind the pine forest at Lake Jugla, don’t strive to perceive it as a reality for it was a reality only to those from long ago. But the objects, structures, and households still continue to exist. You, a visitor and a stranger, will be rewarded with the intimacy of these treasures of our predecessors. This feeling, without any reminiscence of contemporary man, may be vague, imperfect or too subjective though nursed by many and winnowed by time.”
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“The Freedom Monument is probably one of the most visited monuments in Riga worth walking by when on your way to Old Town.”
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“Folkklubs ALA basement is a great place with a huge chose of beers, great snacks in a reasonable price and place where to dance your heart out by listening some Latvian music ( but time to time they also have international guests). Place worth to check out.”
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“Suitable for nice walk with your beloved one or to have little walk around with all the family. ”
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“Great area to stroll, have a bikeride, enjoy Riga Zoo. Mežaparks is the largest city park.”
41 lokale anbefaler
Shopping Mall
“5 min walking from house is one of biggest shopping centres of Riga, where you can find absolute all. Also many places for eating. ”
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