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“Very nice view over the city Go with the funicular from Vieux Lyon metro station and walk downhill through Roman theatres and Montée du Gourguillon”
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“This is obviously the most visited neighbourhood in the city and it dates back to the Renaissance period. It is in fact the second largest Renaissance area in Europe behind Venice.”
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“Take the telepherique/cablecar up to Bastille or hike up the steps for a magnificent view of the city. It is a military fort built in the nineteen century during the war. It now features fun attractions like the cave, views, restaurants and zipline.”
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Historic Site
“Théâtre Antique and Museum d’Orange (Roman). The most beautiful Roman theatre in Europe. (A UNESCO World Heritage Site).”
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“To get from Montreux to Chillon Castle by bus you can take VMC bus no. 201 from the train station to the Veytaux bus stop.”
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“Home to the oldest wall paintings ever recorded. Near the Vallon Pont d'Arc, can be combined with other activities in the area such as river swimming or kayaking.”
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“The Chauvet Cave is one of the most famous prehistoric rock art sites in the world. With one exception, all of the cave art paintings have been dated between 30,000 & 33,000 years ago. This museum is a perfect replica of the cave, and well-worth a visit. It's probably a good idea to book in advance.”
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“The Prince-Bishop of Geneva established the St. Pierre Cathedral in the 12th century. Archaeological findings beneath the church show evidence of a previous structure dating back to the 4th century, Roman Empire mosaics, an 11th-century crypt and three earlier churches. From the 8th to the 10th century there were three cathedrals which shared this location.”
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Historic Site
“You can get in free to look at the gardens, or, for about 5 € more, be taken on a tour of the interior conducted in French.”
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“Founded in 910, the Benedictine Cluny Abbey had an exceptional influence on Europe, both political, artistic and religious. Both a town and an abbey, Cluny, even without its great abbey, bears witness to the greatness of the monastic reform movement of the Middle Ages.”
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Historic Site
“traces of out past historic. A nice antic theatre and interestand museum just cross the wonderfull fourviere carthedral, with an amazing view!”
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“L'abbaye royale d'Hautecombenote 1 est une abbaye en activité située dans la commune de Saint-Pierre-de-Curtille sur la rive occidentale du lac du Bourget, en Savoie. ”
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Historic Site
“Le domaine de Vizille est une invitation au voyage entre nature et culture. Le château abrite le Musée de la Révolution Française (entrée gratuite), il est entouré d'un parc majestueux d'une centaine d'hectares (entrée gratuite également). Notre conseil, prévoir la journée avec le pique-nique.”
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Historic Site
“A Lyon, surtout dans les pentes et le Vieux Lyon, il faut Trabouler ! (vb qui signifie passer d'une rue à une autre par un passage ouvert dans un immeuble) Cette traboule est l'une des plus connues, n'hésitez pas à vous perdre dans les pentes pour en trouver d'autres !”
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City Hall
“Métro A Direction Perrache ou Vaux en Velin Nombreux bus ( C3, C14, C13, 19) ”
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Tourist Information Center
“Over 800 steps, but worth it. This is a fantastic gorge but its not for the faint hearted. You are accompanied by a guide for the visit and it takes between 40-50 minutes to walk through. It really is worth a visit and is approximately 15 minutes drive from Chalet Romand.”
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