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Train Station
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Bus Station
“All'interno della Fortezza Medicia di Siena è collocato un piccolo anfiteatro che nel periodo estivo viene adibito a cinema. Consigliato per gli appassionati, per passare una sera alternativa all'aria aperta.”
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“Best aperitivo with a stunning view of Piazza del Campo, very good food too. ”
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Italian Restaurant
“Few steps from Piazza del Campo, one of the most popular in Siena. Enjoy the tuscan cuisine and the romantic atmosphere. (Non-economic)”
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“The most famous bar in Siena; Coffee, pastries and traditional Sienese delicious”
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“The Basilica of San Francesco is among the most important churches in Siena, located in Piazza San Francesco. Erected in the XIII century in Romanesque style it was enlarged in the two following centuries in the immense present Gothic structure. It preserves the Sacred Particles, hosts remained miraculously intact from 1730 to today. La basilica di San Francesco è tra le più importanti chiese di Siena, situata in piazza San Francesco. Eretta nel XIII secolo in stile romanico fu ingrandita nei due secoli successivi nell'immensa struttura gotica attuale. Conserva le Sacre Particole, ostie rimaste miracolosamente intatte dal 1730 ad oggi. ”
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“Museum: Palazzo Comunale, Pinacoteca Torre Grossa Visit the old rooms and halls from which the city has been governed for centuries and then climb to the top of the tower of the Podesta, the tallest tower and look down upon the city.”
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“Not only a world class winery with a stupendous monastery but also surrounding gardens and hiking trails. My wife goes running here almost everyday. ”
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“The Val d'Orcia is a large valley divided by the Orcia River. It's the main waterway of the area, which begins in Monte Cetona and eventually merges with the Ombrone River. Exploring the flora and fauna along the banks of this river is indeed interesting for any visitor in the area, as is a visit to the Le Mulina town, where tourists can admire the ruins of an ancient mill. Further along the river, visitors will find an array of fountains, whose water locals used to drink, claiming the water was beneficial to women who were breastfeeding. Exploring the area on foot is highly recommended as a way to discover its open spaces, colors, perfumes, woodlands and calming silence.”
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“The Val d'Orcia Natural Artistic and Cultural Park was created to protect the natural and artistic heritage of the valley whilst guaranteeing an improvement in the local economy and the way of life. ”
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History Museum
“Monteriggioni represents one of the most important walled castles in the territory. It has incredibly preserved an intact structure as if time had never passed on the hill from which it elegantly dominates the surrounding landscape. It is between Siena and Colle Val d’Elsa. Every July within the fortified wall of the town a special event is celebrated: the Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni, one of the most beautiful medieval festivals in the region. ”
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“ We're surrounded by many free hot springs, San Filippo, Saturnia, Petriolo...”
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“Situato tra la Cattedrale e la Fortezza Medicea, il “Prato” è il parco cittadino più antico e suggestivo di Arezzo, per la posizione elevata, l’alberatura secolare, la collocazione in un’area di grande interesse archeologico.”
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“In the Church of San Francesco on Piazza San Francesco you can find the frescoes of the Legend of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca.”
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“Bellissima piazza dove si corre la famosa giostra del Saracino a giugno e settembre: è una importante e famosa tradizione storica con origini medievale La Giostra è oggi disputata in costume medievale (XIV sec), a memoria della sua magnificenza al tempo del libero comune, ma presumibilmente ad Arezzo si svolgeva già dal XIII secolo Si tratta di un'antica competizione cavalleresca, che affonda le sue origini nel Medioevo e che consiste nel colpire un bersaglio, posto sullo scudo che Buratto (un automa girevole che impersona il "Re delle Indie") tiene sul braccio sinistro con un colpo di lancia al termine di una veloce carriera a cavallo. Il tutto senza farsi colpire dal mazzafrusto”
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