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“The Chianti Sculpture Park can be found on the road going towards Pievasciata (Siena). Open from April to September from 10.00am to dusk; from October to March only by appointment. Closed Monday entrance fee charged. The park was opened in 2003, all the works are allocated in a circular plot, crossing an oak wood. The itinerary begins with the owner’s house-gallery opposite the park entrance – even the ticket office is a work of art. The circular itinerary ends with the Japanese artist Kei Nakamura’s ‘Casa del Bosco’.”
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“The bigger vineyard and cellar in the Chianti area. You can visit the cellar, the castle and taste over then 14 kind of wine ”
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“In Piazza Gramsci there is the biggest Bus Station close to the historic center and it is locarted only 250 meters away.”
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Warehouse Store
“ The closest place to buy everything you could possibly need including food, sim with internet, clothes and games.”
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“Here you can find Maestà di Duccio. Entry to the Panorama del Facciatone is included in the entry ticket.”
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Art Museum
“An extraordinary collection of Gothic masterpieces from the Sienese school sits inside the 14th-century Palazzo Buonsignori”
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Italian Restaurant
“this is an awesome place to eat close to Monteriggioni, the castle, so it's both food and sightseeing :) ”
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Monument / Landmark
“Built to demonstrate the enormous wealth, proud independence and secular nature of Siena, this 14th-century Gothic masterpiece is the visual focal point of the Campo, itself the true heart of the city. Architecturally clever (notice how its concave facade mirrors the opposing convex curve) it has always housed the city's administration and been used as a cultural venue. Its distinctive bell tower, the Torre del Mangia, provides magnificent views to those who brave the steep climb to the top.”
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“Do not miss a visit to Pienza, famous for its pecorino cheese (from sheep's milk).”
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“An hill over a valdichiana and valdorcia is dominating the view. From the top Fortezza to bottom San Biagio church, Montepulciano is a town to walk and enjoy. Centuries over centuries built this beauty, having the top form on renessance. Giving fine writers, painters, builders to Italy, it was a mother for intellectual panorama. It all depends what you want to look for, You can hire a guide, you can do by yourself walking on the town, you can book wine tours at valdichiana living and so on... Surely is not only a bite, Montepulciano must be lived a bit to understand, all now seems commercial that pays your attention on touristic wave. All places must be lived,so please take you time and stop for a coffee, for a glass of wine and enjoy it. I will start from top, you can park both to bottom santa Agnese parking lot, or back the Fortezza parking. Blue lines must pay, don't enter the town is ZTL traffic limited with camera,else you'll get billed. The Fortezza is a 1500 building, where now makes art or craft exhibitions. I know it well, was my classical lyceum for 2 years. The city recovered it for touristic purposes. At the ground floor the Montepulciano Wine consortium made a wine tasting of most famous cellars, you can drink wine over a magnificent glass floor on etruscan cellars. They have the card system, so you can spray the wine on your glass at quantity you desire. Be careful is a little bit expansive, but it's a wonderful experience. Going down from Fortezza though Italian garden, to piazza grande, there is the torture museum. In piazza Grande, the magnificent church medioeval romantic, communal palace you can enter till over tower. It's been the scenario of many movies and spot, like twilight and more. I want to suggest you enter the door of palazzo Ricci, go down the stairs you will enter their wine cellar, the smell of big old barrel is unforgettable. Hidden places as piazzetta delle erbe for panoramic view, continue down, there are two major way to go, and get lost on all narrow roads that hides you perfect picture to bring with you. Wine producers, pecorin cheese taste, restaurants, fine arts. Don't miss to visit San Biagio church,just out the town.. And if you are tired you can take the small bus to go back your car.”
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Amusement Park
“If you are a young spirit, or with kids, of any age, there are horses, ponies, climbing omega on trees and more adventures”
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“The amphitheater at Siena's Fortezza Medicea hosts open-air cinema in summer. It's wonderfully romantic and the films are often great classics. Just take warm clothes - even in mid-summer it's chilly up there.”
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“We love going top the Antique fair market, first Sunday of every month. The ancient Tuscan city of Arezzo, with its Roman ruins, medieval walls, Renaissance architecture and incomparable Piero della Francesca murals, has always been a magnet for art lovers. ”
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Natural Feature
“Try walking up the last part of Vetta Amiata on a clear day. The view from the top is breath taking. It makes a welcome respite on the hotter days of the year.”
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Monument / Landmark
“La Torre del Mangia is located in Piazza del Campo in Siena, it is the civic tower of the Palazzo Comunale. It is among the tallest Italian ancient towers, reaching 88 meters at the height of the last merlons From the top of the Tower, after about 500 steps, you can see an amazing and really unique panoramic view of Siena and the Chianti countryside.”
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“For the views of the Val d'Orcia at sunset Per i panorami della Val d'Orcia al tramonto ”
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