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De bedste parker i Prague 2

“One of the two most beautiful parks in Vinohrady with panoramic views of the historic city center and pleasant garden restaurants.”
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“It overlooks the city of Prague from different directions. Of course, the Prague Castle and the Vltava River. There are many photo spots. There is also a beautiful park and a celebrity cemetery. It is the best place for families, lovers or single travelers alike. Highly recommended.”
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“If you are in Vinohrady and need a rest... or want to taste some local wine in the arbour on the hill... not as large as Stromovka, but nice park, too.”
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Hockey Rink
“Riegrovy sady is a pleasant park stretching between the Italská, Chopinova, Polská, and Vozová streets on the northern edge of Vinohrady, at the border with Žižkov. It is close to walk to from Vinohradská and Slavíkova streets and from the Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. The park is named after 19th-century Czech politician František Ladislav Rieger whose statue is the work of Josef Václav Myslbek from 1913. Riegrovy sady was established in 1904 - 1908 as an English-style public garden and included a popular observation terrace, which has since deteriorated and is not in use. You can take a stroll, give your dog a good run or have a pint of fresh Gambrinus beer in the large and very popular "pub””
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“Franciscan Garden is a great connector between Jungmannovo and Wenceslas Square, which is a good enough reason to come here. The garden is not very large and it is mainly designed for relaxation. You can sit on one of its many benches, eat ice cream that you bought in the adjoining Pasáž Světozor and watch people. There is also a small children's playground with a sand box and swings. ”
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“The park on Karlovo namesti is a nice spot to sit down for a while on your way to the Apt., it's only a minute-walk away!”
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“One of the Prague's islands - here you can rent a boat or a peddle boat and have a beautiful ride on Vltava river.”
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“In the past, a farmhouse and a vineyard were preserved in the place of the park, after which the slope with stone walls was preserved. The vineyards were here until the beginning of the 20th century. The impact of the park dates back to the 70s of the 20th century, when the construction of the construction site disappeared after the completion of the Nuselský Bridge and the park had fountains and modern sculptures. The present shape of the flat part is the result of extensive reconstruction of the park, which created a new playground, a mansion with a refreshment and a sports complex. Possibility of free running of dogs. In addition to common trees such as maple trees, ash trees can be found”
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“A big park with a great view of the sunset and the Prague castle. A big beer garden that plays films, sports games, and music videos. The most chill hangout in the area, perfect for a summer eve. ”
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“Havlíčkovy sady is Prague's second largest park and is located directly across from Riegrovy sady (on a map, not physically) on the other side of Vinohrady, at the border with the Vršovice district. Getting There Havlíčkovy sady is about seven blocks south of Náměstí Míru (metro line A). From Náměstí Míru, take tram 4 or 22, get off at Jana Masaryka and walk down Máchova to Rybalkova where you'll find the park's main entrance. You can also get off at Ruská and walk about three blocks west to another one of the park's entrances.”
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“Beautiful park with an excellent view of Prague (my favorite spot in Prague)”
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“The main square of Vinohrady district and one of the most favorite places in between local :) very calm and just perfect for the rest after crowded city center :) there are a lot of good local restaurants around”
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“very nice park with artificial waterfall 5 min walk from here. great place to relax or for kids”
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“Beautiful park, a cultural monument since 1964, the complex consists of English-style park and villas such as Gröbe Villa and Landhauska Villa.”
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“A big and beautiful park with playgrounds and bastions with views overlooking the city area.”
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