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Top recommendations from locals

Travel Agency
“ This still-active naval base is known for the 1941 attack by Japan that brought the U.S. into WWII.”
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Flea Market
“It's an open market with EVERYTHING from clothing, to luggage, lotions and soaps, as well as food from all ethnic varieties. Great place for souvenirs and close to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. ”
  • 58 lokale anbefaler
Historic Site
“ Historic battleship, which was the site of the official Japanese surrender in WWII, offers tours.”
  • 5 lokale anbefaler
Travel Agency
“No trip to Hawaii is complete without visiting the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and taking a tour of the USS Arizona and USS Missouri.”
  • 13 lokale anbefaler
History Museum
“ WWII-focused museum presents historical aircraft, exhibits & even a simulated flight experience.”
  • 7 lokale anbefaler
“Best place for souvenirs and gifts! Open Wednesdays and Weekends, unless there is something going on. It's a flea market, swap meet. Many booths. Takes about 2hrs to walk around the whole stadium, depending on how often you stop. Bring lots of cash, but there are many ATMs there, too. Not too much in the way of eat and drink.”
  • 14 lokale anbefaler
Meal Takeaway
“If you're in need of a beer and need to catch any sports, this is the place for you. Tons of beer selections and great place to enjoy the game. ”
  • 12 lokale anbefaler
Bowling Alley
“Bowling! And the restaurant there is actually really good! Highly recommend for a night of local fun.”
  • 4 lokale anbefaler
Japanese Restaurant
“BEST garlic-ky chicken (Tasty Chicken) and/or any entree on the menu. The desserts are to die for. Wait is awhile, though, because they are so popular.”
  • 6 lokale anbefaler
Flea Market
“You have to do your souvenir shopping here - no where else. They have so many vendors that have the same things for sale at a fraction of the cost then you will get in any store - for real! They are only open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from like 8-3. Go early and wear a hat and bring an umbrella it's an all outdoor market and it get's super hot. Bring your water bottle too and wear plenty of sunblock! It's only $1 per person to get in. Take a picture of where you parked for sure as it's easy to forget after all that shopping. Enjoy and find those bargains!”
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History Museum
“Look for the USS BOWFIN inside the Pearl Harbor exhibit. there's also a drive”
  • 3 lokale anbefaler
“A perfect place for a family dinner, or even for a date. We highly recommend trying the campfire feast. For 65$, you can get a full 3 course meal! Starting with appetizers, then the main entree, and finally with some desert to satisfy your meal. ”
  • 2 lokale anbefaler
Southern / Soul Food Restaurant
“The place is super fun with southern inspired dishes. If you go, we recommend someone order the 'Screaming Mai Tai' and listen for the sound of your drink! You won't regret it. Also, be sure to try the cheesy cornbread. Also, a local favorite. ”
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