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Udforsk Greater London

Drinks og natteliv i Greater London

“Victorian gastropub with garden, mahogany interior and flagstones, plus numerous worldwide beers.”
  • 81 lokale anbefaler
“Brick-walled bar serving a variety of champagnes, cocktails and wines, with nibbles on the side.”
  • 24 lokale anbefaler
“Drink with the locals - this beautiful pub serves some wonderful wines and the food is great too!”
  • 26 lokale anbefaler
“Aragon House is far more discreet than the better-known White Horse on the opposite side of the Green. Only a small brass plaque indicates anything unusual might lurk behind the plain black front door of what looks like just another dark-brick posh period house. Step inside, though, and you enter a bohemian toff's rustic country retreat. Above a rose-coloured stone floor, pastel yellow walls are adorned with ornate mirrors, large oils and bits of dead deer. Chandeliers cast gentle light over slouchable chesterfields and sturdy chairs clustered around odd-shaped old tables. ”
  • 6 lokale anbefaler