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“Tip top!!! Mouth-watering food & Superb view at sunset time - roof restaurant!”
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“Enjoy coffee, cocktails, breakfast, lunch, diner and the best sea view in town !!!!! ”
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History Museum
“1)Neoria. Giant and stubbornly resisting the passage of time, the 17 stone arsenals have always been landmarks perfectly intertwined with the Old Port. The shaded vaulted buildings stand in line and magnify the look, today serving both the memory and the cultural identity of the modern city. Alternative points of withdrawal, maintenance and protection of the fleet during the severe winter, were erected in 1497, were open to the sea and were divided into two parts. From the east, only two are saved, one of which functions as an annex to the Maritime Museum, while the north only 7 left. 2) Neorio Moro. At the edge of the harbor, the bombarded Neorio, until recently known as the deserted "Neorio" in the eastern port of the Venetian Harbor, was built from scratch to give 2011 its place in the Chania Sailing Club. Originally built in the early 16th century by the Venetian Predictor Moros and today, besides the headquarters of the group, it serves as a café, and hosts exhibitions, book presentations, seminars, screenings and music events. Indeed, his rehabilitation study was awarded! Daily from 8:00 - noon. 3)Great Arsenal .Undoubtedly, the Grand Arsenal, the last west-facing building of the complex, is dominated by the Port of Neoria. Its construction was completed in 1600 as the seat of the Venetian flagship. As its original utility expired, it occasionally hosted the school of the Christian community, housed theatrical performances (from 1892), functioned as a municipal hospital (from 1923), and served as the town hall for the period 1928-1941. The Second World War left it bombarded, to the point that it needed a series of extensive reconstructions to make it reusable. Today it constitutes the ideal home for the activities of the Mediterranean Architecture Center (KAM), as a multitude of cultural events, conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and small-scale theatrical performances. ”
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“Conor Pass is a new fun Irish owned bar in the old harbor of Chania (Xania). It is very warm and friendly.”
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