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Top recommendations from locals

“Im not sure why this photo is there as it has nothing to do with the aquarium but this place is fantastic for anyone interested in the sea. Also many free things to see like the dolphin shows, turtle, dugon and a few fish tanks. Park is big and 2 lovely parks for children to play at. The netted park is particularly fun but be warned that it is closed on rainy days. ”
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“Shurijo Castle is the greatest structure of the Ryukyu Kingdom and is registered as a World Heritage Site. Learn about the history of Ryukyu. 首里城は琉球王国最大の建造物であり、世界文化遺産に登録されました。琉球王国の歴史を学べる。”
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Theme Park
“ 水牛がいたり、琉装で記念撮影が出来ます。 Commemorative photographing can be done with buffalo or Ryukai.”
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Street Food Gathering
“Opened on Kokusai Dori in June 2015. There are 20 stalls at which you can enjoy a variety of local and original dishes made with Okinawan ingredients. The nearby Rito Marushe sells souvenirs mainly from the isolated islands of Okinawa, and also has a coffee shop. At the stage, you can enjoy various performances such as shimauta, or traditional Okinawan songs and eisa dances. ”
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Amusement Park
“Learn about the history of Okinawa's nature and culture at Okinawa World. Enjoy the strange walls and beautiful[ Blue Fountain] of Gyoku-sendo Cave. Take pictures in traditional clothing or even have a try at making a handmade Ryukyuan glass! Great for families.☆ おきなわワールドは沖縄の自然・歴史のことを学べる場所です。天然記念物の玉泉洞の不思議さを楽しめます。琉球王国時代に王族・士族のみが着用していた伝統衣装で写真を撮ることは出来ます!琉球ガラス作りや陶器工房など、色んな体験が楽しめます。家族におすすめ☆”
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Art Museum
“沖縄の歴史も学べる美術館・博物館です。 It is a museum and museum where you can also learn the history of Okinawa. ”
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Theme Park
“Enjoy the world of pineapple and other tropical plants at Nago Pineapple Park! Not only can you learn all about the pineapple, you can also enjoy different foods made with pineapple. Great for families and couples ☆ パイナップルやトロピカルな植物の世界を楽しめるパークです。パイナップルのことについて学べる環境でありパイナップルを使った料理も味わえます。家族・カップルにおすすめ☆”
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Amusement Park
“Murasaki Mura is perfect for people who want to "experience" the Okinawan culture! They have many activities for people visiting Okinawa so that they can make the most out of their stay in Okinawa! The beach nearby is very nice.”
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“At Kodomo no Kuni there is a zoo and "wonder" museum.   It is a place that everyone can enjoy!☻ Great for families and couples ☆ こどもの国には動物園と「ワンダー」ミュージアムがあります。誰でも楽しめる環境です!☻  家族・カップルにおすすめ☆”
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Amusement Park
“Lush, serene nature park featuring boat & water buffalo rides, plus kayaking, a petting zoo & cafes.”
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Andre gode udendørsoplevelser
“Challenge yourself in an obstacle course in the treetops at Forest Adventure in Onna!  森にあるアウトドアパークのアスレチックコースに挑戦しましょう!”
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Art Gallery
“If you will look for the Okinawan pottery, "Yachimun-no-Sato" is highly recommended place. There is not only shops you can buy items, but also a climbing kiln to produce pottery. The artisans from during training to professional matured are working there, running their workshops (now about 20). mapcode: 33 855 410*55”
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“Neo Park Okinawa recreates the natural enviroment of tropical regions around the world such as the Amazon, Africa, etc. There are over 100 types of animals, which roam free around the park making it feel as you really are in nature. ☆ Great for animal lovers! ☻ ネオパークおきなわはアマゾン、アフリカ、オセアニアといった世界中の熱帯地方の環境を再現されているパークです。100種類の動物たちが垣根なく生活してるのでまるで自然にいるような気分☆ 動物好きな方におすすめ☻”
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Theme Park
“Okinawa Fruits Land is a place where you can have an expirience of the subtropics. There are three zones which include [fruit zone], [butterfly zone] and [bird zone]. It is a wonderful spot for families and couples☆ OKINAWAフルーツらんどは、「フルーツゾーン」、「チョウゾーン」、「バードゾーン」の3つのゾーンがある全天候型亜熱帯体験施設。家族・カップルにおすすめ☆”
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