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De bedste anbefalinger fra lokale

Find ud af, hvad der gør byen unik, med hjælp fra de lokale, der kender den bedst – fra sightseeing til skjulte perler.
“Probably best bar in Odessa, with a good selection of cocktails. The average price on cocktail is about 5 dollars. Usually from Friday to Sunday have dress code. Nice music and people.”
  • 9 lokale anbefaler
“Оптовый промтоварный рынок где можно купить все, что нужно. Цены на рынке ниже чем в городе.”
  • 2 lokale anbefaler
Place to shop
“all kinds of food. fresh fruits & vegetables. oldiest market of Odessa 1812. Building in 1896.”
  • 10 lokale anbefaler
Meal Delivery
“Итальянская кухня ,приемлемые цены,вкусная еда с учетом сезонных овоще и фруктов”
  • 7 lokale anbefaler
Natural Feature
“3 ночных клуба. У каждого своя тематика. Большинство Одесситов и молодежи ходит именно сюда. ”
  • 4 lokale anbefaler
“ all art forms: painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative arts and averaging more than 10,000 works. one of the oldest palaces of Odessa. monument of early 19th century architecture. The first owner of the palace was Countess Naryshkina, nee Pototskaya. In the 1840s, the palace changed owners, and in 1888 it was bought out from them by the mayor, Grigory Marazli, and transferred to the city. Odessa Art Museum was opened in 1899 through the efforts of the Odessa Society of Fine Arts. The museum collection began with paintings transferred to the museum by the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. ”
  • 7 lokale anbefaler
“Ресторан с видом на море между Аркадией и Ланжероном. A restaurant with the sea view. Located between the busy Arcadia and Lanzheron it is a good place to relax further aways from the crowds. ”
  • 12 lokale anbefaler
Point of Interest
“The Seaport - is a romantic and beautiful place for walk There is a walking excursion by sea and lease of yachts.”
  • 6 lokale anbefaler
Bus Station
“Это очень красиво. Советую взять экскурсию на катере или яхте если большой компанией есть скидки.”
  • 2 lokale anbefaler
“space for relaxation, development and inspiration  пространство для отдыха, развития и вдохновения”
  • 10 lokale anbefaler
“Mantra is the World Finest Club in Odessa and the most prestigious in Odessa City. Highly recommended. Have fun guys!”
  • 5 lokale anbefaler
“Shopping mall with big food store inside "Silpo" on level 3 open at 08:00-23:00 and children play zone on level 4 open at 10:00-21:00”
  • 5 lokale anbefaler
Point of Interest
“Odessa's Philharmonic Theatre The foundation stone for the theater was laid September 3, 1894, a day after Odessa's one-hundred-year birthday. Construction was completed in 1898. Since 1924 the building has housed the Odessa Philharmonic. The design resembles the Doge's Palace in Venice. The building was intended as the new stock exchange, or "New Exchange" to replace the old stock exchange, and the vast hall was decorated with six panels by the artist Nikolai Karazin which depict commerce throughout various stages of history. The large hall has no supporting columns, and because of this, it was one of the most expensive buildings in Odessa to build. The main entrance is by a large open-sided, roofed gallery. The ceiling of this open entry is painted with the twelve symbols of the Zodiac.”
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Amusement Park
“Новый Аквапарк "ГАВАИ" на аркадийской алее, в 10 минутах хотьбы от нашей квартиры - подарит вам и вашим деткам массу крутых эмоций! Надо обязательно посетить!”
  • 7 lokale anbefaler
Grocery or Supermarket
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