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Sightseeing og vartegn i Odessa Oblast

Historiske museer

History Museum
“To see the history of this places! There are a diorama, an impressive piece of art!”
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Naturskønne udkigspunkter

Scenic Lookout
“The famous Potemkin Stairs, located in the center of Odessa, have a wonderful view of the sea, Greek and Istanbul parks are located on the sides. Must visit.”
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Historiske steder

Monument / Landmark
“This Chisinau city museum, the terrace offers a wonderful view of the whole city!”
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“Дворец Генерал - губернатора Воронцова. Сохранились как сам дворец, так и хозяиственый блок с конюшнями. Яркая достопримечательность дворца - Воронцовская колонада, ставшая одним из символов Одессы.”
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Monument / Landmark
Monument / Landmark