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Top recommendations from locals

“It is a beautiful green spot blended with incredible architettonic Beauties! Museo delle Civette Casino di Villa Torlonia Teatro di Villa Torlonia but to relax you have inside as well restaurant, coffee and good brunches”
  • 26 lokale anbefaler
Historic Site
“catacombs of the early Christian period (built between the second and fifth centuries after Christ) placed on the consular road of Salaria. Valuable stone paintings depicting the virgin with the prophets.”
  • 43 lokale anbefaler
“The "Olympic Sport District" of the city, with Tennis courts, Swimming pools, Athletic stadium and Olympic Stadium (mainly for football and concerts). nice stylish bar/restaurant at the tennis club. Ideal for sport, but also for a walk and a brunch/lunch”
  • 40 lokale anbefaler
Department Store
“charming and exclusive items. At the top there a nice view, you can have a rest drinking a cup of coffee”
  • 21 lokale anbefaler
“Great fun for small children to have some time off from sight seeing. Full of fun activities. Closed on Mondays”
  • 42 lokale anbefaler
“A two minute walk from our flat for one the traditional crispy, served on metal plate Roman pizzas. If you want a starter, go for the fried Suppli, Fiori di Zucca and Filetto di Baccala - respectively a fried rice ball, zucchini flowers with mozzarella and anchovies and cod fish. ”
  • 44 lokale anbefaler
Italian Restaurant
“ your other “local”. No frills roman cuisine, cheap and easy. Go for classic Roman pastas (amatriciana, carbonara, gricia, cacio e pepe).”
  • 44 lokale anbefaler
“Very nice view from Pincio Terrace, nice restaurant Casina Valadier, Bar del Lago, nice walking”
  • 13 lokale anbefaler
“4th century church with a a round building and well preserved original layout and mosaics.”
  • 36 lokale anbefaler
Bus Station
“Main street for shopping around the neighbourhood. Literally everything you may need is sold here.”
  • 17 lokale anbefaler
“Chef Gabriele Bonci is making a name for his pinsa - take away pizza the Roman way. He pushes the boundaries of what you never thought could end up on a pizza.”
  • 31 lokale anbefaler
“Bus terminal for several lines. 30 express is the best way to get to historical centre.”
  • 13 lokale anbefaler
“A good place to rest at lunch time, eat a sandwich on a bench under the sun and relax walking across the small wood..”
  • 22 lokale anbefaler
Roman Restaurant
“the real Roman cuisine in a traditional setting tavern recommended by guests”
  • 30 lokale anbefaler
Dessert Shop
“Perfect for breakfast, brunch, happy hours if you like Sicilian street food and ice-cream!”
  • 29 lokale anbefaler
“Vista panoramica bellissima. Si arriva con la metro A - Vittorio Emanuele - (a Battistini) scendere alla fermata Flaminio, dopo 4 minuti a piedi / Very nice panoramic view. It can be reached with the metro A - Vittorio Emanuele - (to Battistini) get off at Flaminio stop, then walk for 4 minutes/ Vista panoramica muy linda. Se va con la metro A (a Battistini) bajar en la parada Flaminio, luego caminar por 4 minutos”
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