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De bedste anbefalinger fra lokale

Find ud af, hvad der gør byen unik, med hjælp fra de lokale, der kender den bedst – fra sightseeing til skjulte perler.

Department Store
“You can buy Mongolian souvenir, clothes and food. Also you can eat your meals and go to the coffee shop.”
  • 15 lokale anbefaler
History Museum
“The National Museum of Mongolia (Mongolian: Монголын үндэсний түүхийн музей); formerly the National Museum of Mongolian History is located in Ulaanbaatar. This museum is a cultural, scientific, and educational organization, which is responsible for the collection, conservation and interpretation of the objects under its curation.”
  • 15 lokale anbefaler
“Ancient Buddhist monastery of the city centre, with travel destination of mongolia. Old to new city view. unique cultural heritage and picture taking service.”
  • 8 lokale anbefaler
Flea Market
“It can be said "Black market". What you want to buy you can find in this place. Also can bargain goods what you buy. ”
  • 10 lokale anbefaler
Opera House
“Famous operas and ballets play at the State Opera Ballet Theatre by cheapest price around 10-15$.”
  • 5 lokale anbefaler
“In July 1921, in the centre of Ulan-Bator, the ”hero of the revolution” Damdin Sukhbaatar declared the independence of Mongolia from China. Then his name was given to the square, Sukhbaatar Square.”
  • 11 lokale anbefaler
“Amazing Udon noodle soup. Fantastic curry. Don't miss the cream puffs and the cheesecake too. It can get very busy though, so make sure you get there early!”
  • 3 lokale anbefaler
“Here is Dalai eej mercury food market located right down our appartment. In this market you can find ATMs.”
  • 2 lokale anbefaler
Indian Restaurant
“The Indian restaurant located just round the corner. Very popular and make very delicious food.”
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  • 2 lokale anbefaler
“The place and garden, I like very much for running, exercising and sitting quietly looking to the fountain.”
  • 2 lokale anbefaler
Amusement Park
  • 2 lokale anbefaler
Movie Theater
“Urgoo cinema is the largest movie theater chain of Mongolia with 3 branches in Ulaanbaatar city and 1 branch in Erdenet city. Moreover, the cinema hosts the only IMAX proprietary cinema projection standard screens in its Shangri-La Centre branch delivering the biggest cinema experience for you.”
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Real Estate Agency
“Our location is around 10-15 minutes walking. Do not hesitate to come by to let us know if you have any problems or just want to say hi! ”
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Point of Interest
“The Parliament Building of Mongolia. An interesting building with a statue of Chingis Khan (Ghengis Khan) sitting proud overlooking the square. ”
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