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Udforsk Miramar

Parker og natur i Miramar

“A community cultural place where people converge to enjoy great performance arts, concerts or events.”
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“This 53-acre natural area is a popular bird watching spot & offers a trail, benches & picnic table. As you walk around the area it is easy to see the beauty that attracted the native people to the area. The lake and eight created wetlands are surrounded by live oak, gumbo limbo, strangler fig, cypress, red maple, wild coffee, beautyberry, fire bush, pickerel weed, eel grass, and rushes. Wildlife in the area include wading birds and ducks, red wing blackbirds, wood storks, little blue and tricolored herons, anhinga, white ibis, and and osprey. Amenities include benches, signs, and picnic tables. A half mile paved walkway loops through the preserve and takes you back to the parking lot.”
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“This park opened recently, we've not been there yet. There are 8 Google reviews with a 4.6 star rating. It's 5 minutes away to the west (2 miles).”
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