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De bedste butikker i Metropolitan City of Florence

“One of the large local markets in the city, slightly deviated from the chaotic center but still in a central location. Frequented mostly by locals, go here if you want to experience local market life, buy good produce grown in the hills around town, and avoid all the tourist scams. Also, the area is super lively and a lot of really good restaurants are easily found.”
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Perfume Shop
“A historic place famous for its centuries-old production of perfumes and cosmetic products.”
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Women's Store
“The biggest Outlet of Tuscany, here you can find all the luxury design brands. you can find clothes or accessories with 70% less that in the centre of Florence. if you want more info about how to arrive there, feel free to ask me. ”
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“Suggeriamo agli appassionati di moda una visita al negozio della Casa di Moda Gucci fondata a Firenze nel 1921 ”
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Sporting Goods Shop
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Jewelry Store
“Officine Nora is a new WORK/SHOP for contemporary jewelry MAKERS and LOVERS. Rent a work station and spend some time in a charming and inspiring city, developing your projects and sharing ideas and experiences with other international jewelry makers OR just stop by to see and buy unusual, handmade, unexpected, cool jewelry directly from the makers!”
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“It's inside Sant'Ambrogio Market. Closed on Sunday. Open from 11am to 3pm. Here you can try a local food as “Trippa alla Fiorentina”, “Pasta e ceci”, “Pappa al pomodoro”, etc) Very cheap! ”
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Jewelry Store
“Original, handmade work, incorporating gemstones, silver and resins. Drop by and have a look!”
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Art Museum
“Amazing studio and artistic work with metals by the great Alessandro Dari... whoever enjoys local craftsmanship and is curious about great artisans, go check it out!”
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“Street food: Famous tripe sandwich (panino con lampredotto) with green sauce and a glass of wine”
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Jewelry Store
“I veri Artigiani esistono ancora...e orafi di qualità! !!!! Hanno un laboratorio nel centro di Firenze (Ponte Vecchio)”
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Clothing Store
“A famous local jewellery maker using plastic in the most stylish way. Great colours that include bracelets, earrings, necklaces and bags ”
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Antique Shop
“An eclectic boutique with clothing and accessories where you can find unique pieces by young Italian designers and an accurate selection of vintage clothing and accessories.”
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Jewelry Store
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