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Sightseeing og vartegn i Memphis


Art Museum
“The Brooks museum of art happens to be the largest and oldest museum in the state of Tennessee and within its vicinity it includes the Cafe Brooks, the Brooks museum of art, a grand terrace and the Holly Court Garden. The museum contains 29 galleries showcasing paintings from the Italian Renaissance, Baroque and 20th century artists. It also has a research library of 5,000 volumes and an auditorium. The museum houses an impressive collection of English portraits by Gainsborough, Lawrence and Reynolds as well as contemporary artists such as Carroll Cloar, a Memphis native.”
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Historiske museer

“his site is for the real “soul searchers” out there. Yes, that’s the second time the same pun has been used in one article. The Stax Museum of American Soul Music is another must-see attraction for music fans and non-music fans alike. An exact replica of the former Stax Records recording studio, it resides at the very address where Stax Records once operated and boasts a gargantuan 17,000 square foot museum full of vintage musical instruments, mementos and exhibits. These exhibits concern the history of soul music and also emphasize the various influential artists who had, at one time or another, signed with Stax Records. Among the many exhibits are those dedicated to past and present Stax Records artists Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding and Albert King, among many others. Though the museum focuses on Stax Records artists, it also boasts a massive video footage collection of various non-Stax artists such as James Brown, Tina Turner, The Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder and other high-profile soul artists. Some of The Stax Museum’s most impressive artifacts include a genuine, century-old Mississippi Delta Church, the authentic Soul Train dance floor and Isaac Hayes refurbished Cadillac Eldorado. The museum also hosts a bounty of ever-changing exhibits dedicated to the history and legacy of soul music.”
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History Museum
“The Memphis Rock n’ Soul Museum is a building dedicated to the history and legacy of Memphis musicians who pioneered and furthered the evolution of “the Memphis sound.” The museum was created through the combined efforts of The National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Institute. Among its many displays, the museum hosts The Smithsonian’s “Rock n’ Roll: Social Crossroads” exhibit. The museum chronicles the evolution of rock and roll music as well as soul, beginning in the 1920’s and gradually moving into the current era of music. The museum also provides a collection of over 100 songs recorded in the greater Memphis area during the 1930’s and moving into the 1970’s. It also boasts an informative catalog of information containing over 300 minutes of material concerning the musicians, labels and pioneers who have operated in Memphis throughout its history. It is not the largest museum in Memphis and it is more directly oriented towards visitors who are interested in the history and evolution of Memphis music. However, it is very possibly the most informative museum in the city and visitors will leave with an enhanced understanding of music history and Memphis music’s effect upon American music and culture.”
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Science Museum
“We can’t often see the stars in Memphis through the clouds and bright city lights. For less than $5, Sharpe Planetarium is a fun alternative.”
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“If you travel to Memphis, Tennessee then you must visit Graceland. Whether you are a fan of music or merely a sightseer, Elvis Presley’s impact upon the world is far reaching. He not only changed the face of music, but he also impacted American and global culture. This detail is impossible to ignore and there is no better way to show appreciation for or understand his legacy than by visiting Elvis Presley’s former home. Graceland is the second most visited house in America, only being beaten out by The White House. Now a gallery, the Graceland Mansion and grounds contain a number of museums dedicated to the King of Rock n’ Roll with informative tours and exhibits, as well as virtual iPad tours containing added footage and photos. Visitors can tour Elvis’ “Jungle Room,” view his car, jet and record collections and also pay homage to The King by visiting his grave. There are multiple tours and museums, and their rates vary in price and duration. However, most visitors agree that Graceland is one of, if not the most, important sites in all of Memphis, Tennessee. The site also offers dining services, various gift shops and is located directly across the street from the Elvis-themed “Heartbreak Hotel.””
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“The best museum, in my opinion. Jam out to the greats -- Otis, Aretha, Al and the bunch on the dance floor, take photos by the cars, and groove to the music as you get a feel for Memphis music.”
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“I don't know if it's a museum, shops, or what. It's really all of those. Locals don't think much of it--but if you're an Elvis fan, it's obviously a must.”
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Naturskønne udkigspunkter

“Best views of downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River. At about a mile across, it is the longest active pedestrian bridge in the country. ”
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Historiske steder


“This is a great place to work and study. Beautiful views of the city from the top floors.”
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