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Top recommendations from locals

Art Gallery
“Exhibition from around the world in one place. Don’t have to travel thousand miles to admire art”
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“5 minute walk from home Amazing gardens for sightseeing The Tan track is a 5km walking/running circuit around Borders the Yarra.”
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Cricket Ground
“The biggest sporting arena in Australia for football and cricket. Explore the inner sanctum where legends play and by taking a guided MCG tour”
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Shopping Mall
“Great place to shop here in Melbourne, also a great food court on the top level”
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“Discover a wide variety of fresh, quality produce & specialty shopping. Melbourne's iconic Market, Queen Victoria Market has been operating since 1878. 于1878年开放的维多利亚女皇市场 (Queen Victoria Market),不仅仅是墨尔本的购物圣地,这个19世纪的市场也是极富历史意义的地标建筑、著名的旅游景点以及所有墨尔本人经常光顾的场所。”
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Hot Spring
“Relax and soak in the many pools at the Hot Springs. Booking essential. Would recommend going early in the day when pools have just been cleaned and is less crowded. If you can afford it have a treatment or private spring experience. Don't miss the Turkish Hamman!”
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“It is increasingly hard to imagine Melbourne without Federation Square. As a home to major cultural attractions, world-class events, tourism experiences and an exceptional array of restaurants, bars and specialty stores, this modern piazza has become the city's meeting place. 联邦广场 (Federation Square) 是澳大利亚结构最复杂,同时也是最宏大的建筑项目之一。联邦广场的面积占了整整一个街区,其鲜明而大胆的设计风格出自Lab建筑师事务所 (Lab Architecture) 和澳大利亚Bates Smart建筑设计事务所之手,是一个独特的市民聚集地和文化活动中心,被国际公认为是全世界的大型公共广场之一。”
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“A visit to Melbourne Museum is a rich, surprising insight into life in Victoria. It shows you Victoria's intriguing permanent collections and bring you brilliant temporary exhibitions from near and far. You'll see Victoria's natural environment, cultures and history through different perspectives. 墨尔本博物馆 (Melbourne Museum) 展示了澳大利亚社会历史、原住民文化、科学发展及环境。毗邻世界遗产名录的皇家展览中心 (Royal Exhibition Building) 和卡顿公园 (Carlton Gardens),博物馆里面还有墨尔本IMAX立体电影院 (IMAX Theatre Melbourne)。”
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Asian Restaurant
“An institution, you have to eat here at least once, it's a great vibe. Have a drink downstairs while you wait”
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Scenic Lookout
“The tallest tower at the moment, magnificent view! Try the looking down the edge!”
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Shopping Mall
“If factory outlet shopping is what you love, then wander down Spencer street and get the 96, 109, 11 or 12 Tram and jump off at the convention centre and stroll down to South Wharf DFO”
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“The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket!”
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“Who doesn't love a beach close by! One of Melbourne's popular beaches which is great for water activities, swimming, kid and pet friendly, perfect for walks along the St Kilda pier. Also this beach is home to St Kilda sea baths! ”
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“If you are travelling with kids or want to know more about our close relationship with the sea in Melbourne, this one is for you. ”
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“Melbourne Victory's home soccer stadium also hosting rugby, Australian rules and live performances.”
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“Admire the beautiful ceiling, read some books and enjoy free exhibitions. ”
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