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“In the 16th century, Macau was home to the first Western-style university in eastern Asia, St. Paul's College. In 1835, the school and the neighboring Church of Mater Dei burned, leaving what is collectively known as the Ruins of St. Paul's, though the most notable feature is the church's towering facade and its graceful fusion of Eastern art and Western architecture. This symbol of the city's multicultural character and heritage is open to the public daily. 十六世紀期間,澳門成立了遠東地區一所西式大學-聖保祿學院。1835年,該學院連同其附屬聖保祿教堂被大火燒毀,只剩下教堂最具代表性的正面前壁,成為了聖保祿教堂遺址。有見於石壁融合了中式藝術元素及西式建築風格,因而將其稱之為大三巴牌坊,成為澳門多元文化的象徵。這座歷史遺跡現於每日對外開放,歡迎旅客參觀遊覽。 ”
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“Strolling past the historic neo-classical buildings that line Senado Square, one could easily imagine it as a sunny Mediterranean plaza – though the Kuan Tai Temple firmly puts the Chinese community's stamp on the square! Named for the nearby Senate building that was once the seat of Macau's government, Senado Square is still the city's “town center”, playing host to most public events, festivals and markets. 置身議事亭前地,在陽光照耀下,極富中國色彩的關帝廟與兩側的新古典主義風格建築相映成趣,讓旅客尤如漫步於地中海風情的廣場。議事亭前地曾是澳門政府大樓的議事亭,並因而得名。此廣場至今仍是澳門的市中心,許多公眾活動、節日慶典及市集都在這裡舉行。 ”
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