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De bedste barer i Malmø

“It is a very lovely area in the old city with many bars, restaurants, night clubs..etc ”
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Bath House
“Kallbadhuset and Ribersborg Beach At Ribersborg's cold bath house, you can enjoy a wood-fired sauna and nude bathing in the sea all year round, and due to its separate women's and men's sections, no swimsuits are requi-red. And the location by Ribersborg beach is ideal, with its 3 kilometre long sandy beach which is packed with people enjoying swimming in the sea when the weather is hot.”
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“Malmö's Biggest Park. Very Beautiful Park which has free live music and performances everyday at summer.”
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Shopping Mall
“Emporia udmærker sig med dels at være et superflot indkøbscenter, og der er mange valgmuligheder, Modetøj, mærkevarer, indretning, mobiltelefoni, optiker, restauranter, café og meget mere. Tag let bus nr 33 mod ÖN, den kører lige til Hyllie. Man kan også cykle eller gå dertil. ca 4 km.”
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Golf Course
“Wonderful park with playgrounds, cafés, bars, mini golf, entertainment. A fun place for the whole family! :)”
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Residential Building (Apartment / Condo)
“En anderledes bygning med speciel arkitektur. Samtidig et landmærke da Turning Torso kan ses helt fra København på den anden side af Øresund. ”
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Art Gallery
“A smaller gallery in a cool area of Malmö. Really fresh lunch is also served in the same building”
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Art Museum
“The Modern Museum This museum is a part of the government-operated Moderna Museet in Stockholm, and has exhibitions featuring both works from the 20th century along with interesting contemporary art. The beautiful premises, dating back to 1901, were first used by Malmo Elektricitetsverk as a power station. ”
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Bus Stop
“Feel like you are in the Middle East. The most multicultural area of Malmö. ”
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“This is a modern part of Malmö with an area originally set up by an architect competition called BO 01. All houses are different and represent a specific style. ”
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History Museum
“Malmohus Castle and Slottsparken At the castle, which is the oldest preserved Renaissance castle in the Nordic region, you'll also find Malmo Museum with its newly opened aquarium. The exhibitions deal with history, technology, maritime navigation, and nature.”
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“One of the best restaurants in town - always experimenting with odd cuts of meat that you probably haven't had before mixed with the best of local supplies! Great also for drinks and hanging out later in the evening!”
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“This large park with everything from canals and great garden to a Casino by night. ”
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“Along these meandering paths you'll find Malmö's canals, castle, and old windmill, + many other surprises. Perfect for a morning walk or jog.”
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“Cool place with a nice decor and atmosphere that serves great food and drinks.”
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“Enjoy natural wine and sourdough pizza in a relaxed environment after the kids are tired from playing at Folkets Park.”
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