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Find ud af, hvad der gør byen unik, med hjælp fra de lokale, der kender den bedst – fra sightseeing til skjulte perler.

Outlet Mall
“Deze fashion outlet met sfeervolle straatjes en pleinen en unieke architectuur is een shopping walhalla voor echte fashion lovers. Met ruim 250 internationale fashion & lifestylemerken.”
  • 53 lokale anbefaler
Natural Feature
“Our attempt to "recreate" wild nature in the Netherlands. Which doesn't actually work in a country with very limited space and without top-predators, other than us humans. Currently a political hot potato in NL as it has just been decided to cull about half the population of "big grazers" (wild horses, deer & wild cattle). Anyway, the wolf is back, after 137 years, so who knows. Definately worth a visit and the birds are great.”
  • 26 lokale anbefaler
Natural Feature
“A park that was created by accident. The wildlife has such a special flora and fauna that an international rewarded movie has been made about it ("de nieuwe wildernis / the new wildernes"). A must see for nature lovers!”
  • 15 lokale anbefaler
“'Working' museum of the Dutch Golden Age and East Indies Trading Company. It has a complete rebuilt ship from the 17th century. Especially nice with children.”
  • 37 lokale anbefaler
Amusement Park
“The Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome (short also Aviodrome) is a large aerospace museum in the Netherlands that has been located on Lelystad Airport since 2003”
  • 14 lokale anbefaler
“Want to stand eye to eye with a herd of galloping horses, impressive red deer or rooting boar? it is here!”
  • 15 lokale anbefaler
“The Agora theatre usually offers a great program in plays, musicals, dance recitals etc, but I love catching a movie there in the big Theatre hall ("de Grote Zaal"). It's an amazing looking hall with great seats”
  • 5 lokale anbefaler
Science Museum
“Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome is het grootste Nederlandse museum voor lucht- en ruimtevaart. Vluchtsimulators · 4D-Filmtheater · Rondvluchten · Boeing 747 · 100+ Vliegtuigen · Radiokamer Kenmerken: Meer dan 100 vliegtuigen, Plezier voor jong en oud, Leuk bij regen en zonneschijn...”
  • 6 lokale anbefaler
“Also at the peninsula Urk: Elegant restaurant on a nice location, good food. ”
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  • 5 lokale anbefaler
Bus Stop
“Offers both long and short routes to walk. You'll always past the animal enclosures, but it's not like a zoo. The animals have large areas to live in, so you still need to do your animal spotting. Also has a great place to lunch or have a coffee.”
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Natural Feature
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Shopping Plaza
“Location of The Food Press. Beste vegan, raw, vega choices and you can also order a nice fried egg for breakfast and delicious slow coffee and fresh squeezed juices. Tell Mercedes I sent you.”
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