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De bedste anbefalinger fra lokale

Find ud af, hvad der gør byen unik, med hjælp fra de lokale, der kender den bedst – fra sightseeing til skjulte perler.

Amusement Park
“Fancy a few hours or half a day in the water? With slides and many attraction this can be a fun day. If no swimming, you can enjoy the coffeehouse and just see the activities and enjoy the splashing of your friends or family. ”
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“The pictures on our walls are from here, except the Melbourne ones. Heaps of wooden pieces and furniture. Prices much better than night Bazaar. International delivery services available.”
  • 23 lokale anbefaler
“The community that provides many shops and restaurants such as Rimping Supercenter, Wine Connection, Vietnam Restaurant, Thai Restaurant, McDonald's, Brandname outlet, etc.”
  • 11 lokale anbefaler
“Ban Tawai is an Art & Craft village with skillful artisan who make high quality woodworks and also do made to order. These include in and outdoor furniture and decorative lamp, sculpture and arts. Many great wood furniture around Thailand and the world are made from this village”
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Place of Worship
“Phrathat Hariphunchai temple is named after the great stupa of Hariphunjaya which is believed to have been founded by King Arthitayaraj of the Mon Kingdom of Hariphunjaya. Legend has that the Lord Buddha himself traveled from Nepal to this spot over 2 and the half millenniums ago and predicted the erect of the stupa. The temple serves as landmark of Hariphunjaya kingdom (Lamphun in the present day) by River Guang which is the old route of the River Ping, the main river in northern region of Thailand. Within this temple, they are also other 2 significant stupas; one of Hariphunjaya Mon style and the other in Lan na style. The temple also very much related to Reverend Srivijaya (Krue Ba Srivichai), a famous rebel monk who bravely challenged the central government authority over control of Buddhist monks in the north and successfully preserves Lan Na Buddhist tradition in great extent. The temple was once his grounded residence when he was held for interrogation where he also contributed his effort to restore the grand assembly hall which was struck down to ground by storm.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Not to say more. All ingredients and goodies for your meal are here! wide range of ingredients to choose from therefore I think you will be able to find what you are looking for.”
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“One of our favourite European lunch spots in Chiang Mai. A secret garden setting in which to enjoy delicious home cooked food by generous hosts. Open Thurs to Sun 11am-15h00.”
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Point of Interest
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“Good for hot day after driving quite a distance on a scooter and enjoyed the cool water. entrance fee 100bht. bạn có thể in nhảy từ 7 / 8m hoặc sử dụng zip line etc. fun place for kids. there is a restaurant here as well so that you can easily spend the whole day here.”
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Point of Interest
“The Thai Elephant Conservation Center in the Lampang State around 60km from Chiang Mai City has around 50 elephants. www.thailandelephant.org/en”
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  • 3 lokale anbefaler
“The God created things so well. such a beatiful of the criff and interesting walk way that interesing to admire the nature that more than 1000000 years old.And rare plant can be see on the walk way as well.”
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“The highest mountain Thailand's, really worth to stay there for a 1 night hiking adventure. You can book a tour via many agencies here.”
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“The grand canyon Chiang Mai, the chiang mai quarry or the red mud quarry – there are many different names for this amazing place! ... It’s kind of like the grand canyon in green/blue water. ”
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