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Bedste aktiviteter i Comosøen

Opdag byen, som de lokale ser den. Find de bedste aktiviteter, spisesteder, og få gode råd fra dem, der bor her.

Historic Site
“Villa Carlotta is surrounded by a wide botanical garden that is full of ancient trees, palms, rhododendros, azaleas, and many other plants. I’d suggest visiting Villa Carlotta in springtime, during the blossom period. The villa is frequently home to many artistic events and exhibitions.”
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“On a peninsula from which one can enjoy the spells of the Lario, this elegant and romantic eighteenth century mansion and its astonishing garden have hosted letters and travels to its last owner, Guido Monzino.”
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Natural Feature
“Landscapes, coves, monuments, botanical gardens, villages ... You can visit all year round, there is always something to do or see. Lake Como is a concentrate of beauty, attractions and things to see. The ideal place for a great holiday. For centuries it has been a place so loved by tourists from all over the world and by all kinds, from politicians like John Fitzgerald Kennedy to VIPs like George Clooney, from Queen Victoria of England to Saudi princesses. Every year it is called the most beautiful lake in the world.”
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“The Gardens of Villa Melzi strech out along the lake shore and are armoniously inserted into the hilly scenery of the Bellagio peninsula that divides the two branches of Lario lake. ”
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Historic Site
“If you don’t mind walking, you can follow the path along the Esino River and get to Castello di Vezio, an ancient medieval fortress overlooking Varenna. The castle houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Lariosaurus – an extinct sea reptile from the Middle Triassic period, which gave birth to a legend similar to that of the Loch Ness monster – as well as a center for the training of birds of prey.”
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“Villa Monastero is one of the most interesting attractions of our territory thanks to its strategic location, its history and its landscape.”
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Point of Interest
“The Bellano waterfalls. Orrido is a must see. This natural gorge was formed over the centuries by the flowing waters of the Pioverna, carving out gigantic potholes and suggestive caverns. The dark sinuous recesses, the gloomy rumble of the turbulent waters have been a source of inspiration for many a writer, making Orrido the most renowned tourist spot in the Lario area. The “Cà del Diavol” or “Devil’s house” evokes collective fears of the devil and satanic rituals, embodying the mysterious lure of the place. A concrete walkway allows visitors to admire the beauty of a truly unique place.”
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Nightlife Spot
“Aperitivo, lunch, drinks or just coffee during the day and dancing by night on the edge of the lake.”
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“Lake Como’s only island, in bygone times a fortress and the wealthiest area on the lake before being completely destroyed in 1169. Now no longer inhabited. There are some ruins and remains of an old basilica from ancient times. ”
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“Enjoy a tour by boat of our amazing lake. You can get tickets and information at the ticket office in Piazza Cavour. Best to visit: Bellagio, Varenna, Menaggio, Argegno.”
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Cable Car
“bellissima salita verso il paese di Brunate, da cui si vede tutta la città ”
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Bus Station
“If you like to walk you can get to Cernobbio by walking (Stadium, Villa Olmo, Promenade on the lake, and finally Cernobbio), or by boat. Nice and cosy place, with Villa d'Este and cafe' on the lake.”
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Båd eller færge
“This small historic town occupies an incredibly privileged position: the tip of the promontory that divides the lake into three branches. The boats that shuttle across the lake can take you to other interesting places in just a few minutes. The streets of the historic centre are terraced with the original houses; there are narrow alleyways and cobblestoned stairways lined by shops, craft shops, famous restaurants and generations old family trattorias. Visiting Bellagio means not just discovering its history or natural beauty but also enjoying the tastes and flavours of its cuisine. Lake Como, with immediate access to mountains, hills and plains, offers a complete range of genuine local produce; a real gastronomic treasure house, with fish from the lake and cheeses from the mountains, cold salamis and hearty meat dishes.”
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“A lovely abbey reachable by boat or by car, where the monks make their own liquors for sale. worth the trip by boat if you have the extra time.”
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“The Lido di Menaggio’s position right on the lake is one of the best in the area and includes two swimming pools, (adult and toddler) a sandy beach, three restaurants, its own brewery, kids activities and volley ball. Ample parking available. ”
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Bus Station
“Lenno rises on the western shore of Lake Como, here begins the coastal area called Costa della Tremezzina. The origins of Lenno date back to the first Roman Empire; the territory was colonized by Greek colonists, sent here by Julius Caesar at the time of the foundation of New Como, settlers who introduced the cultivation of vines and olives, still visible today a centuries-old oil mill for the production of olive oil from high quality. It is believed that here Pliny the Younger had his villa called Comedia, from where he could fish while comfortably looking out the window. Lenno enjoys a mild and dry climate, which favors the growth of Mediterranean-type vegetation, located in a bay so beautiful that it deserves the name of Gulf of Venus. Numerous the splendid villas of Lenno, we remember Villa Cassinella of Mantegazza and the incomparable Villa del Balbianello, built in 1787 by Cardinal Durini, the villa then passed into the ownership of the Arconati-Visconti family, after numerous changes of ownership it was bought by Guido Monzino who , at his death, he bequeathed it to the FAI, the Italian Environment Fund. Among the historical buildings that rise in the territory of Lenno, we point out the Abbazia dell'Acquafredda, reachable through a path surrounded by olive trees; so called from a spring that flows nearby, it was built in the 12th century; the current building, with a single nave and two side chapels, is adorned with stuccoes and paintings, some by Fiamminghino (1621). The church of Santo Stefano, inside frescoes of the fourteenth century, some to be attributed to the school of Luini, in the hamlet Portezza we meet the church of San Vincenzo dating back to the eleventh century. Not far from the town of Lenno is Giulino di Mezzegra where Benito Mussolini and Claretta Petacci were shot on the morning of April 28, 1945.”
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