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“This is the second largest lake in the Lazio region and it has plenty of 'beaches' around the water's edge so you can relax and enjoy swimming in the vast lake, which supplies water to the Rome region. There are also lots of nice place to eat and a host of water sports on offer too. You can choose a private beach where you pay for a sunbed and parasol or a public beach where you take you can simply chill out on your beach towel. The lake is about a 45 minute drive from the property. ”
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“A must visit spot in Bracciano, the best preserved medieval castle in Europe.”
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“The Aeronautical Museum of Vigna di Valle has the good fortune to possess the for airplanes that have made history. ”
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Italian Restaurant
“Un nome un garanzia. Amiamo questo ristorante, si mangia bene e i gestori sono fantastici”
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“An Irish pub with a large selection of wines, beers and spirits, open till late and always full of life.”
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“Lovely central cafè with plenty of space to sit and read or work; try their handmade gelato or their tasty mousse: they are definitely the best I ever tasted.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“A small supermarket in the heart of Bracciano, where you can buy all essentials.”
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“Uno dei piú maestosi castelli di epoca rinascientale, con arredi , armi e tante curiositá al suo interno.”
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“really good food, aperitif is superb, magnificent view on the lake, very friendly people”
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“l Castello di Bracciano, conosciuto anche come Castello Orsini-Odescalchi, è un edificio del XV secolo costituito da tre cinta di mura esterne; di forma pentagonale, presenta cinque torri, una per ogni vertice della fortificazione esterna. Il castello fu costruito da Braccio da Montone (della famiglia Fortebracci) poi passato all'Orsini militante nelle truppe di Braccio, dietro richiesta del papa Martino V (1418). È attualmente di proprietà degli Odescalchi, famiglia che proprio dagli Orsini rilevò la signorìa di Bracciano alla fine del XVII secolo. ecc”
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“Escursione interessante alla scoperta del Lago di Bracciano e il Lago di Martignano, di origine vulcanica”
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“Very nice promenade along the lake shore. Nice town full of restaurants, shops and bars.”
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Movie Theater
“The cinema in Bracciano is the perfect place to spend a night out with friends. Don't forget the pop corns!”
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Grocery or Supermarket
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