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Parker og natur i Kawachinagano

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“Nagano Park comprises five park districts spreading at the foot of Mt. Kongo. Visit your favorite place and enjoy watching seasonal flowers, strolling in the forests, and watching wild birds.”
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“KANSAI CYCLE SPORTS CENTER, located in Kongo-Ikoma-Kisen Quasi-National Park, is a theme park of bicycles with an amusement park and camping sites combined into one. On its three-kilometer Cycling Course and Unique Bicycle Ground surrounded by greenery, you can try 800 unique bicycles. There are also exciting bicycle attraction areas such as Cycle Luge, a bicycle-version of rollercoaster in which you go down steep slopes while carefully steering your bicycle. At the same time, Bicycle Practice Gardens are provided for those who cannot ride a bicycle. The premises have camping sites as well, where visitors can enjoy a barbecue and stay at a cottage in a grove.”
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