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History Museum
“Discover 500 years of Dutch Maritime history as well as its strong links to today’s society and the society of the future. The collection of The National Maritime Museum is one of the largest and most notable maritime collections in the world with approximately 400,000 objects, including paintings, models of ships, navigation instruments, and maps of the world.”
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Music Venue
“There is a lot to see and do in Amsterdam, all depending on your taste. If we were in the neighborhood, you could run into us and other locals at Roest. If the weather is nice, nothing beats Amsterdam Roest (5-10 min walk) at Jacob Bontiusplaats. At an old factory location, Roest has a pseudo beach area, a rough edged arty atmosphere and plenty of cold drinks.”
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Båd eller færge
“In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Dutch set sail in ships like these, known as 'Dutch East Indiamen,' to the Far East (what we now call Asia). The journey took about eight months. The ship moored alongside the museum is an exact copy of the famous East Indiaman lost on her maiden voyage in 1749. The Amsterdam can rightly be called one of the most stunning pieces in the museum's collection. Experience the East Indiaman Amsterdam! Feel what life was like on board a real East Indiaman. Hoist cargo, scuttle through the hold, fire a cannon... try it all! Rinus the Rat is your friend and guide on board the Amsterdam and will accompany you through all the activities.”
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Art Gallery
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Art Gallery
“A very un - Dutch gallery, wonderful friendly owner and very nice openings. So if you like good art and good crowd go there”
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