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Parker og natur i Istria

De bedste naturanbefalinger fra lokale

“This beautiful national park consists of 14 islands and is a unique combination of nature and history and home to about 250 different bird species and 700 plant species.”
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“Cap Kamenjak is a peninsula with a 30km coastline and many different beaches where everyone can find something they like. The coast of the Kamenjak peninsula is incredibly rugged and offers many places to swim, high water jump, etc. Kamenjak is the most intimate corner of the Mediterranean with scenes of environmental exclusivity, untouched nature, encounters with the last habitats of plant and animal species on the planet, idyllic beaches as well as a wild coastline, shade of the pine trees, crystal clear water, perhaps an encounter with the Mediterranean monk seal or a discovery of dinosaur footprints.”
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“island National park Briuni, has old fortress of ex president Tito with many animals and parrots that can talk. There are boat tours daily ,12 km from app”
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“This cave is a tresaury of stalgmites and stalctites, undergroud sculptures realized by patiend and long lasting work of water.”
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National Park
“For hiking, mountain biking or just walking. Beautiful nature and view from the top Vojak. Go when the whether is clear and sunny.”
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“Most beautiful forest, beaches and bike trails! Famous national park protected for its unique and lush vegetation and wildlife! ”
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“Becomea ranger for a day and discover the everyday life of this unusual profession. On a half-day Park tour you will walk in the off- road vehicle, through various wild and inaccessible karst terrains and trails, enjoy in a breathtaking panoramic views and find out the answers about all the secrets of this protected area. Reservation ; Public institution "UČKA NATURE PARK" park.prirode.ucka Tel: +385(0)51293753 ”
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“Beautiful 4 km boardwalk with a pictoresque Gortanova Uvala beach. Great for walking, rollerblading, biking, and swimming (do come early to grab a spot on the beach.) Also a great beach bar just above the beach.”
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“Take a boat to see the Lim Bay, a peculiar geographic feature named from the Latin word "limes" for "limit", referring to the landform's position at the border of two Roman provinces: Dalmatia and Italia. It is a 10 km long estuary surrounded by diverse greenery and rich with sea life. Recently, a group of archaeologists and speleologists examined a cave there and discovered a bunch of drawings taking us back 30000 years in time, to Paleolithic. Fascinating!”
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Scenic Lookout
“Great if you are brave and want to zipline over the beautiful Pazinska jama.”
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“It is a nature reserve, restaurants, fish restaurants, boat trips, nature, hiking...”
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“Wonderful park with Villa "Angiolina" in the center that has a historical value for being a symbol of birth Opatija's tourism glory. ”
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“An agricultural farm and theme park where you can see how they grow organic herbs for their natural cosmetics and products. The park offers a wide variety of colors in an idyllic environment. You can either visit the Park or book a guided tour in their educational agro-tourism centre.”
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Scenic Lookout
“If you decide to have a walk along the world famous 12 kilometers long promenade – Lungomare, you will have the opportunity to discover numerous horticultural and natural beauties along the coast connecting five smaller towns – Volosko, Opatija, Ičići, Ika and Lovran. A pleasing walking area where you can not only admire the beautiful waterfront but also gaze at the alluring villas that adorn the town of Opatija, Lovran, Ika, Icici and Volosko. ”
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Harbor / Marina
“1 h from Rijeka From the brightly painted buildings and fishing boats that line the seafront, to the hilltop baroque church that stands watch over old town—it’s no wonder Rovinj is one of the most-photographed coastal towns along Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula.”
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“Day and night bar in Opatija. Has also some suntanning beds below the bar. ”
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