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Sightseeing og vartegn i Irvine

Historiske museer

History Museum
“Charles Bowers was a land developer who lived in Orange County and before he passed away he donated a plot of land to the city of Santa Ana. In 1931 after his wife had died, a building was constructed on the land and in 1936 the Charles W. Bowers Memorial Museum was opened for the first time. Over the decades the museum has had various refurbishments and the museum’s size has increased tenfold. The museum is a great place to take a look at the different cultures in the world and there are over 100,000 items to peruse.”
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Naturskønne udkigspunkter

Scenic Lookout
“Enjoy a Bird's-eye-view spanning 40 miles ona . clear day. Soar 400 feet above the surrounding landscape on the tethered balloon ride!”
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Historiske steder

“It's our old downtown. The heart of Orange County. It is unique multi cultural, multi generational community that embraces the enjoyment of diversity.”
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“Local museum and library with farming history of Irvine and Orange County. ”
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