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“The beach for which San Sebastian is famous for, it gives name to the bay of La Concha. You will not find a more beautifully elegant urban beach anywhere. // La playa más famosa de SS. Pocas playas urbanas son más bonitas que ésta. ”
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“The one & only Aquarium in town, it is situated in a beautiful spot in the fishing Port just worth the visit. You will also learn about the ancient legends of Basques and whale hunting. // El aquarium de la ciudad está en una ubicación inmejorable. Aprenderás sobre la cultura ballenera de los vascos. ”
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History Museum
“Interesting pieces of Art and local history items. The building itself is interesting.”
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Scenic Lookout
“Vistas geniales, mar abierto y ciudad. Fantastic views: the ocean and the city.”
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Convention Center
“Iconic building by architect Moneo called Los Cubos (The Cubes), it is light-up at night and looks spectacular against the sea. It is always interesting in the outside, and worth checking what goes on inside. // Los cubos de Moneo, polémico en su día, hoy se iluminan por la noche y son el centro de actividades varias. ”
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Outdoor Sculpture
“Beautiful sculpture of Oteiza. Stunning views. The XV Wind Comb (commonly known as Peine del Viento or El Peine del Viento) is a set of sculptures by Eduardo Chillida on an architectural work by the Basque architect Luis Peña Ganchegui. It is located at the end of the La Concha bay, at the end of the Ondarreta beach, in the municipality of San Sebastián, in the province of Guipúzcoa, in the Basque Country. It is composed of three steel sculptures, weighing 10 tons each, embedded in rocks that face the Cantabrian Sea, whose waves lash them. Chillida continued working on the Peine del Viento series, which coincides in the formal aspect with her collection of stelae, and particularly, with t”
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Tapas Restaurant
“Famous pintxo bar, the quality and variety and the elaboration is just perfet. The drawback is that it is always full and it is difficult to make a place but it worth it.”
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“It is a bar restaurant with a good pintxo bar, a reasonable price and a very good atmosphere if you go with family or friends. I use to recommend the the beff or the praws brochette. ”
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“A Hendaye, face à l'océan, venez découvrir le beau château observatoire d'Antoine Abbadie (ethnologue, géographe, homme de science...) construit par le l'illustre Viollet-Le-Duc. Lieu enchanteur, dressé sur les falaises abruptes d'Hendaye au milieu d'une lande, entièrement meublées et restaurées, toutes les pièces du Château se visitent : l'observatoire et sa lunette méridienne, la bibliothèque (lieu de travail et de réflexion), la chapelle, les chambres, les salons et boudoirs notamment. > AVRIL - MAI - JUIN: 7 jours sur 7 (fermé le 1er mai). VISITE GUIDÉE UNIQUEMENT (toutes les 30minutes environ) Du lundi au vendredi, de 10h00 à 12h00 et de 14h00 à 18h00 Samedi dimanche et jours fériés de 14h00 à 18h00 > JUILLET - AOÛT : 7 jours sur 7 Visites guidées toutes les 30 min de 10h00 à 16h00 (dernière visite guidée 15h30) Visites sans guide de 16h00 à 18h00 Les mercredis et vendredis, à 10h, visite guidée "Les Abords d'Abbadia'' (extérieur et intérieur du château) > SEPTEMBRE - OCTOBRE VISITE GUIDÉE UNIQUEMENT (toutes les 30minutes environ) Du lundi au vendredi, de 10h00 à 12h00 et de 14h00 à 18h00 Samedi dimanche et jours fériés de 14h00 à 18h00 Les mercredis, à 10h, visite guidée "Les Abords d'Abbadia" (extérieur et intérieur du château) > NOVEMBRE - DÉCEMBRE (Fermé les 24, 25 et 31 décembre) VISITE GUIDÉE UNIQUEMENT (toutes les 30minutes environ) Du mardi au dimanche de 14h00 à 18h00. TARIFS: VISITE GUIDEE, VISITEUR INDIVIDUEL > Adulte : 9.50 € > Enfants de 6 à 13 ans : 4.50 € > Forfait "famille" : 25.00 € (2 adultes + 2 ou 3 enfants) > Gratuit pour les enfants jusqu'à 6 ans VISITE GUIDEE "LES ABORDS D'ABBADIA"(extérieur/intérieur) > Adulte : 12.00 € > Enfants de 6 à 13 ans : 6.00 € > Gratuit pour les enfants jusqu'à 6 ans VISITES LIBRES > Adulte : 8.00 € > Enfants de 6 à 13 ans : 4.00 € > Familles : 22.00 € > Etudiants (moins de 25 ans) : 7.00 € > Personnes à mobilité réduite : 3.60 € ”
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“The beach for the young, for the surfers, for the visitors, and for everyone really, as it is wide and long. It is the newest beach in town after the gentrification of the entire area that begun 10 years ago. // La playa de la gente joven, los surfers, de los turistas, la playa de todo el mundo, porque es larga y ancha. Forma parte del nuevo entorno creado junto a los cubos de Moneo, que incluyó la reordenación del paseo marítimo y playa. ”
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Farmers Market
“Local market (fish, meat, vegetables...) and supermarket downstairs. Gastro thursdays night.”
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Tapas Restaurant
“Undoubtedly one of the essentials pintxo Bars of Saint Sebastian. Both for their cold pintxos and their rations. The best pintxos: octopus, cheeks and seasonal vegetables. ”
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Monument / Landmark
“In the past, Donosti used to be a place where the Spanish monarchy spent the summer. For many years, the Royal Family chose San Sebastián for their holidays because of its beaches and climate. First, it was Queen Isabel II who decided to spend her summer holidays in Donosti, so as to bathe in the Cantabrian sea as much as she liked. Later, Queen María Cristina reinforced this bond between the Royal Family and San Sebastián: after she became a widow –when Alfonso XII died- she decided to come to the city every summer. Miramar Palace, the Royal Family residence The Royal Family did not have an official residence where they could live during their stays in San Seb”
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“The Victoria Eugenia theatre is one of the city’s most iconic buildings. Its doors opened in the year 1912, and it became the stage for San Sebastian’s most important cultural events. “Teatro” Victoria Eugenia Teatro Victoria Eugenia San Sebastian Victoria Eugenia In 1995, it was decided that the building required complete refurbishment, one of the main reasons being the need to meet new health and safety and fire regulations. Following over 6 years of deliberations, renovation work began in 2001, and was completed in 2007, six years later. This delay in the work was the result of a range of funding issues, but these were eventually resolved. Since this massive overhaul, the Victoria Eugen”
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“Ask for a "completo": small tuna sandwich with anchovies and "piparras" (a local green slightly green pepper).”
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Book Store
“Behind the cathedral you can walk around Calle Reyes Catolicos, where you will find many bars and restaurants. ”
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