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Fornødenheder i Free municipal consortium of Ragusa

“1 hour far from Villa le Girandole, Ragusa is one of the 7 provinces of Sicily. The city develops on the south side of Iblei’s mountains and it is southern administrative center of Italy. It has been called the “island in the island” for its historic and socio-economic characteristics that makes it different in comparison to the whole Sicily. After the strong earthquake that destroyed the city in 1693, the following reconstructions divided the “upper” Ragusa, located in the upland, to the Ragusa Ibla, risen in the ruins of the ancient city. The architectural masterpieces built during this era have been declared World Heritage Site of UNESCO, together with the ones in Val di Noto, for the marked testaments of Baroque arts.”
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“A sumptuous castle immersed in the Sicilian countryside. If the gorgeous interiors will remind you of cinema glory, your memory would be right: "The Leopard" famous dance scenes were filmed here. The garden is an experience in itself, where you can (literally) lose yourself in a fascinatingly historical labyrinth.”
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Historic Site
“The 'Broken Pomegranate' is set to amaze you: start your visit in the main Corso where you can deviate and lose yourself in out-of-time narrow streets to emerge before the glory of Duomo di San Pietro. Then climb onto narrow streets again until you reach the wonder of Duomo di San Giorgio: Sicilian Baroque will be taking you aback.”
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“one of the most beautiful cities of Sicily, with a great gastronomic offer, the restaurant Il Duomo boasts two stars Michelen”
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General Entertainment
“Famous house where were shot the italian fiction "il commissario Montalbano"”
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History Museum
“Cava Ispica is a river valley which for 13 km affects the Ibleo plateau, between the towns of Modica and Pozzallo. The valley, surrounded by the typical Mediterranean vegetation, preserves prehistoric burial sites, Christian catacombs, rock speakers, monastic hermitages and settlements of various types. ”
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“Ottimo per ragazzi, ci sono bei locali sulla spiaggia e anche per adulti, nonostante la vita sia più movimentata gode anch'essa di un bel mare. Perfect for guys because of the clubs on the beach and also for adult people, is a bit crowder but it has a wonderful sea too”
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Shopping Mall
“Wide and well-assorted shopping centre where you can browse around fashion, personal care and many other shops.”
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Dessert Shop
“Modica chocolate best in town! Moreover it is absolutely forbidden to leave without tasting a delicious cannolo of their production! As for the taste: ricotta, pistachio or cream? Guess my favorite !!! Going up the stairs that are in front of the pastry shop you are in the Strada Campanilla, from where to enjoy a wonderful view of the Duomo of San Pietro!”
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“La storica e borghese cittadina di Modica è situata a circa venti kilometri da Ragusa, nella parte sud orientale dell’isola The historic and middle-class town of Modica is located about twenty kilometers from Ragusa, in the south-eastern part of the island”
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“A trattoria in the historic center, where taste typical products cooked like in a Modica family”
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“It is the Church emblem of the Late Sicilian Baroque. Majestic, surrounded by flowers and vegetation, to his feet extends an elegant staircase that leads up to the lower part of Modica. It's possible however get there by car, since the Church is on a road that can be crossed. Inside the Church there is a splendid one sundial.”
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Scenic Lookout
“La Riserva conta oltre 3.700 ettari di spettacolari scorci paesaggistici, con le limpide acque dell’Anapo, che scorrono tra le bianche rocce e il verde tipico della macchia mediterranea: la Riserva è una tappa da non perdere per chi si appresta a conoscere la Sicilia. The Reserve has over 3,700 hectares of spectacular landscapes, with the clear waters of the Aapo, flowing between the white rocks and the greenery typical of the Mediterranean scrub: the Riserva is a stop not to be missed for those who are about to know Sicily.”
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“This small beach town is about a 30 minute drive from Niscemi. We come here when we don’t feel like driving all the way to Modica. You can also find great seafood restaurants here.”
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“Not only for coffe, but for icecream, granite with brioches, finger food...”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Il più grande supermercato del luogo, aperto fino alle 21.30 si trova di tutto a prezzi molto convenienti! Frutta fresca, gelati, pesce fresco, carne e salumi e formaggi freschi, prodotti da forno sempre caldi!”
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