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Bedste aktiviteter i Metropolitan City of Florence

Opdag byen, som de lokale ser den. Find de bedste aktiviteter, spisesteder, og få gode råd fra dem, der bor her.

Art Museum
“At the beginning of the last century Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi, with his wife Vittoria and his sons Augusto Alessandro and Vittorina, returned to Italy from Spain, where he had dedicated himself to an antiques activity of the highest level that had allowed him to start the one that it would become one of the largest private collections in Italy of paintings, sculptures, furniture and ceramics. After his death, at his will and through the work of his children, the central core of this exceptional collection constituted the donation Contini Bonacossi, which today is an integral part of the Uffizi Gallery, which can be visited on the first floor of the same in 8 rooms set up specifically for host it.”
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Sculpture Garden
“Can't miss it, great gardens and museums to spend the whole day, be ready to walk and enjoy a great morning or afternoon!”
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“For sure the most breathtaking view of the city. Go there at sunset time. The sun goes down behind the city and you will get amazing pictures! As you go up there visit also San Miniato al Monte one of the most beautiful and hidden churches in town.”
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“Firenze - tag toget, det er lettere. Kør ned til stationen Montecatini Monsumano og tag toget til SantaMaria Novella som ligger midt i Firenze. Det tager ca. 45 min. Hvis I dog vil køre, så kan vi anbefale at I napper et P-huse i det her område (det ligger centralt ifht. centrum): GPS: 43.768717, 11.269666 Uanset om I kan lide dufte eller ej, skal I besøge butikken Aqua Flor. Den ligger på Via Borgo Santa Croce 6. Det er smuk smuk butik med skønne dufte og kropsplejeprodukter – også til mænd. Efter Acqua Flor kan vi anbefale jer at bevæge jer op igennem Firenzes gader mod Uffizierne, Piazza della Signora og Pallazzo Vecchio med den berømte David statue. Herfra evt. et smut ned til Ponte Vecchio og eventuelt over på den anden side af Arnoen og kigge ind i ved Pitti Palladset og Boboli haverne. Hvis man går tilbage over Ponte Vecchio og direkte ind på hovedgaden, vil der være rig mulighed for shopping. Halvvejs oppe mod Piazzi il Duomo, finder i på venstre hånd Mercato Nuovo og den lille bronze statue af ”Vildsvinet” lavet ud fra H.C Andersens eventyr ”Il Porcellino”. Det siges at bringe lykke at gnide svinet på trynen. Herfra kommer man let til Piazza il Duomo og den fantastiske domkirke i Firenze. Vi kan anbefale det lille Osteria - Osteria De l' Ortolano på Via degli Alfani nr. 52 – tæt på krydset med Via dei Servi. Det er lille bitte, men har mange fantastiske vine og små lækre delikatesser og pasta. Det er ikke her i får den stor tunge frokost, men her spiser i let og godt. Generelt kan vi anbefale i Firenze at vælge et lille sted i de små gader, og ikke gå efter den store flotte frokost. Ellers er Cantinetta dei Verrazzano på Via dei Tavolini 18/20 i nærheden af Ponte Vecchio. ”
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Art Museum
“The Accademia Gallery is a museum in Florence, located in Via Ricasoli. The museum, fourth in Italy for number of visitors after the Uffizi, exhibits the largest number of Michelangelo's sculptures in the world, including the famous David.”
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Administrative Area Level 3
“Litterally a jewl. For food lovers like me, this area produces wonderful saffron.”
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“Most impressive from the outside. Inside can be disappointing. If you want to climb the dome we recommend booking in advance. Don't miss the baptistry. ”
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Shopping Mall
“ If you love the most famous fashion brands in the world. The Mall offers incredible shopping at great prices”
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Art Museum
“The Palazzo Pitti was since the 16th century residence of the Dukes of Tuscany, later the Florentine residence of the King of Italy.King Victor Emmanuel III. resigned him to the Italian state in 1919- since then the Palazzo Pitti and its collections of paintings have been open to the public, among the Medici Galleria Palatina.”
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City Hall
“Beautiful medieval palace with incredible decorations. We highly recommend the Secret Passages Tour. ”
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“It's the largest in town, you have got to park the car (pay at the park meter) and walk”
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Shopping Mall
“Find your favourite designer brands at up to 70% off, all year round. Half an hour from Prato by Car in Barberino”
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Farmers Market
“Firenzes "Torvehaller" - super lækkert og virkeligt et besøg værd - særligt hvis man er glad for mad.”
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Sandwich Place
“Simply spectacular! Highly recommended place to try the typical schiacciata!! Not the usual sandwich, but a real delicacy, starting from the soft and fragrant bread, stuffed with very tasty ingredients. A delicacy capable of making even the most reluctant palates fall in love.”
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“Located in the Santa Croce neighbourhood, Piazza Santa Croce is a hive of local activity and you can also take in the views of the gorgeous basilica at the same time. Once you’re here, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the statue of Dante Alighieri and stop off for coffee in one of the local traders’ stalls. Oh, also head inside Palazzo Cocchi-Serristori and the totally stunning Palazzo dell’Antella (which are great). Throughout the year, there’s also a range of leather merchants that sell local goods and crafts, too. Just remember to haggle if you’re buying a bigger purchase. ”
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“The woods that surround Chiusi dell Verna are easily reachable and amazingly beautiful. Bring your sneakers with you and just start exploring!!”
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